Google Yeti

Google Yeti (the codename for its subscription-based game service) could have a possible release date.

A source close to the project has revealed to us here at DVS Gaming that Google Yeti, the codename for its subscription-based streaming service via YouTube, could be coming in Q3 2019. Rumors of the “Netflix for games” service surfaced in 2018. Players were able to play a beta version of this service by streaming Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. They streamed the game on a much older laptop. This may suggest that the service will not only scale down to older builds but to newer and more powerful builds as well.

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) on March 19 may reveal more information about Google Yeti, but exact details are still scarce. The new information revealed to us ahead of the conference is the possibility that the service will have associated hardware and a custom UI. However, there may be more information at GDC itself on the exact specs and details of the UI.

Google Yeti controller

Additionally, an interesting tidbit that this anonymous source revealed to us here at DVS Gaming is the potential for Google Yeti to have native streaming. Twitch and Mixer are two of the most popular streaming services right now. Facebook Gaming is not far behind. This will allow more competition in the streaming industry.

Is Google serious about getting into gaming and streaming?

With Google’s vast amount of resources, there is potential for Google’s streaming service. Google has even patented a game controller for the service. This shows that Google is serious about entering the gaming industry and using its resources to compete with other companies.

The same source has all but confirmed that the alpha version of Google Yeti is scheduled for a May 2019 release date. The beta will hit by June 2019, and the live version could come in July or August 2019.

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