away: journey to the unexpected

Away: Journey to the Unexpected

In an industry dominated by violent games, Away stays true to its name. While fighting is present in the adventure game, more emphasis is placed on negotiation, character growth, and friendship. Made by independent developer Aurélin Regard and publisher Playdius, Away: Journey to the Unexpected will be coming to to PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch early in 2019.


  • Colorful, 3D world with unique visuals, inhabited by 2D characters.
  • A lighthearted story with just a pinch of rogue-lite elements.
  • Befriend and play a vast assortment of quirk characters.
  • Anime-themed soundtrack composed by Kazuhiko Naruse.

Gameplay and Story

Combining action, negotiation, and rogue-lite elements, Away never takes itself too seriously. It is first and foremost a lighthearted game. Puzzles dot the landscape and lead you on a quest of finding other, friendly faces. Combat is simple and easy to use, while the visual design of the puzzle-filled world complements a player’s creativity.

Away: Journey to the UnexpectedAway prides itself in telling a story not of heroes, but of a friendly person. Using all at your disposal (which is not much), you may befriend powerful allies. All the strange characters met throughout your journey can be played in the first person, though it is up to the player to solve puzzles in order to join your team.

Robotic cowboy bounty hunters and bizarre space oddities are just two of the many characters you will meet and befriend. Anything with legs just may be anthropomorphic, and may end up being your greatest ally.


Aurélin Regard is the co-founder of French-based studio Arkedo. After releasing an action racing game entitled, The Next Penelope, he has devoted his time to developing Away: Journey to the Unexpected. Together with Jean-Matthieu Gennison and indie publisher Playdius, Regard hopes to release Away sometime in the coming months.