Eu World First Uldir Raider

Uldir Raider Guide

Courtesy of Nightswifty over at the Achievements Discord, a complete guide to the new meta achievement has been released. This will help players wishing to complete Glory of the Uldir Raider. Also written by Nightswifty is the Dungeon Meta achievement for Battle for Azeroth. 

The reward for completing the meta achievement is the Bloodgorged Crawg (Below).

The Details

The guide assumes players know the mechanics on normal mode. If not there is a guide specifically for learning the raidBloodgorged crawg

Before any bosses are slain, the author points out that these achievements become easier with smaller raids. Therefore, one should go into the fights with as little raiders as possible.

Achievement Tips

  • Elevator Music
    • Collecting 4 orbs of harmony while the elevator is going down in phase 2 is easy for a Demon Hunter, who can easily get all of them by Fel Rushing and Gliding.
  • Parental Controls
    • Send a group of 2-3 dps and a healer to click on the buttons and once they stop blinking and aren’t clickable, the boss can be slain.
  • Trash Mouth- All Stars
    • Terrible Thrash will have to hit every player. Use a defensive. Moreover, prioritize people with a bad defensives as the boss enrages at 50%.
  • What’s in the Box
    • Use the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron after his image disappears in phase 2. Profit.
  • Now We Got Bad Blood
    • Get the Plague Bomb debuff on Warmother Rakkali, kill her, then kill the boss.
  • Edgelords
    • No one has to step onto the inner ring of the platform. Tanks should pick all the adds and stack them for melee dps to cleave. Ranged should stick to the boss unless melee are struggling with adds. At 40% Zul will each player back. Avoid being knocked off by positioning yourself safely.
  • Existential Crisis
    • The text on the achievement is misleading. Do not pick your own orbs. Only pick orbs spawned by other players. The tracker will go red when you have failed.
  • Double Dribble
    • Make groups of 3 people (1 healer and 2 dps) to do the power matrix and rotate them throughout the fight. This is the one achievement where more people would be beneficial. Smaller raid groups may find the fight is overtuned.