Ghillie Crossing

Event Mode: Ghillie Crossing

The stealth event mode has returned. Players will be thrown into the Erangel Countryside. They will be armed with crossbows and ghillie suits. These will be the player’s bread and butter. Normal items will not spawn, and instead, only throwables (no grenades) and melee weapons will adorn the map. There are no vehicles or care packages. The suits will spawn alongside normal loot.

This is PUBG Corp’s ultimate stealth war game. Be wary of any bush, because it may not only be foliage. An unexpected death may come from anywhere.


  • Weapons which world spawn are few. Only crossbows, melee weapons, and non-grenade throwables will be available.
  • Ghillie suits spawn beside other world loot.
  • Vehicle spawning does not occur.
  • Blue zone damage increases exponentially, making the endgame an approaching doom.
  • Due to the absence of vehicles, the first safe zone will always form around the center of the map. It will then shrink as normal.
  • Only 4-person squads are allowed. Auto-matching can be either on or off.
  • The weather is sunny.
  • Red Zones are disabled.
  • Care packages are disabled.
  • Friendly fire is disabled.
  • Killer spectating, however, is enabled.

The event mode had its debut earlier this year, and was met with wide acclaim. However, other event modes have been far from perfect.


Desert Knights, for instance, was recently added back into the Event Mode lineup. This followed a hiatus of several months due to the internal problems the event caused on the game’s systems. However, it too has recently returned. This time with only mild hiccups.

Event modes are part of PUBG Corps method of experimenting with their game. They act as a sort of test version of ideas they may implement into the standard game. As with other public test servers, the event modes come often with a host of glitches. Some are minor, others are game breaking.