Gaming with friends

Gaming is an activity that you can get all your friends doing.


Gaming with your friends

If you’re on this website then we probably don’t need to be telling you about the joy which is gaming. There are many millions of us who play games every single day. However, there remain huge amounts of people who are hesitant to even dip their toes into the water of modern gaming. The reasons for this are varied. Gaming can be an incredibly positive force for both enjoyment and cooperation. We’ve found it incredibly rewarding to introduce friends and family into the realm of video games. This can be difficult, however, given how out of touch some fear they might be. In this article, we’ll try to lay down some basic rules. This can help you build a connection with someone important in your life. Or, you can just introduce them to something great.

Understanding Comes First.

Taste in video games is just like taste in books, films, or television. Chances are that a person will not enjoy some genres, and may even despise others, and this is something we need to take into account. You must first understand what your friends already like before recommending something to someone. Fortunately, their taste in similar media can also aid in guiding you to better suggestions. One thing to remember is that those first impressions when it comes to gaming can be very important. Don’t just jump straight in and recommend the games you like most.

If they are a science fiction fan, then start off with one of the more established science fiction stories like the Bioshock series. While these are not the most complex, they are great openers to a genre which can become very complicated. Similarly, if they are big fans of the action genre, you might recommend a game which fits with their viewing tastes. Military action fans can easily be pointed to the amazing story campaigns of the COD: Modern Warfare games, as a good start. Fans of gambling could be introduced to games like Fallout: New Vegas, or you could cut out the middleman entirely and recommend they start with the incredibly popular online slot game Mega Moolah, with many sites offering bonuses so it can be tried almost for free.

COD gaming for friends

Don’t Take Your Knowledge for Granted.

You might not notice it at first. If you have played games for a long time, then you have internalized many aspects of gaming and gaming infrastructure that are alien to outsiders. This can manifest in many ways, and should always be taken into account when you introduce someone to something new. Teach them about the basics of graphics options, of how mouse and keyboard controls work, about inverted control schemes, and any game elements which are so simple to longtime gamers that they are often ignored by even modern overbearing tutorials. This is also why we recommend starting with simpler examples of a genre. Slowly easing someone in will have a much higher success rate than pushing them in at the deep end.

Be Patient. Expand your Horizons.

While there are some forms of gaming that might be too intimidating to invite new players into, there are many which are simply digital versions of physical games. Crosswords, Sudoku, or Solitaire have simple digital versions. These can be a great way to ease people in before you introduce them to the more advanced nature of modern gaming. Remember to be patient, and to understand that even you might develop new interests alongside your new padawan. Who knows, with enough practice you might even form a powerful team. Dominating an enemy with your mother as a Heavy-Medic combo in Team Fortress 2 might not be a traditional family building exercise, but we can guarantee it is still hilarious fun.