Demolisher Island Expeditions

 The Siege Weapon Madness

The Demolisher Controller and Siege Engine Controller are consumables bought from a vendor on your ship. They cost 3 Seafarer’s Dubloons. However, the vendors that sell these will not remain for long. Lieutenant Elda for the Alliance and Provisioner Burg for the Horde are only up for this week. The vendors alternate and it is likely they will not return for another 9 weeks. Players should stock up on the consumables now.

What Do They Do?

Once consumed, the player is put into a vehicle with 300k health. You will have five abilities.

  1. “Hurl Boulder”- An area of effect spell which deals 25k damage to all targets within it.
  2. “Flame Vents”- A channeled ability which does 5k damage to all nearby enemies
  3. “High Gear”- A speed increase of 75% for 5 seconds.
  4. “Rain of Death”-Deals 150k damage damage to all nearby enemies after a short delay.
  5. “Shoot Firework”- A purely cosmetic firework.

How Do You Use Them?

The first thought would be to have three people in demolishers. However, the siege weapons are incredibly frail. Because of this, it is best to have a tank to hold threat. Moreover, if the tank can sustain themselves, you can go with 1 tank and two demolishers. This will be the fastest way to clear.

The “Hurl Boulder” ability should be used at ranged. Melee mobs will do a number on your siege weapon, so pop “Rain of Death” and “High Gear” to escape their reach. This may cause a sudden loss of threat, so the tank should be mindful. Generally speaking, “Flame Vents” will get you killed more often than you will kill.

For any other tips related to Island Expeditions, check out this helpful guide. It should cover all the basics and get you farming all the Azerite power you could ever want.