This weekend, Golden is hosting its second annual 12 Hour Challenge from February the 5th through the 7th for anyone interested in getting started in the world of speedrunning.

Those who are already speedrunners are encouraged to try learning a new game. Last year’s challenge was quite successful with over 500 signups, many of whom continued running the games they tried out.

The challenge is about finding a game that you’re interested in speedrunning and learning as much as you can about it in 12 hours. The goal is to have completed your first run of the game before the 12 hours end. Since the event is meant to get more people into speedrunning, the event itself is fairly relaxed. This means you shouldn’t feel stressed or pressured to make the 12 hour mark. If you want to or need to continue on the day after your challenge, then that’s fine. In fact, it’s great because it means you’re really getting into it.

This year, there are two big changes, but they’re both optional. The first is the introduction of a “theme” which helps spice up the challenge. The theme this year is, “A console I don’t usually play,” and is geared towards speedrunners who want to try a different game and branch out of their comfort zone. The other change is that SpeedRunsLive, a website that hosts speedrunning streams and races, will now have a filter for streams tagged with the 12 Hour Challenge.

If you want to participate in the challenge, make sure you have fun and don’t stress yourself out. Most speedrunners spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours practicing their games. 12 hours is definitely not a lot of time, so don’t worry and don’t get discouraged if your time isn’t anywhere near the world record. In fact, it shouldn’t be! If you’re thinking about running a game on the Gamecube, Playstation or Nintendo 64 but you don’t have the console, there are emulators you can use like Dolphin, ePSXe or Project 64. Some games, like Metroid Prime, don’t recognize speedruns on emulators as official runs. Others, like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time allow emulators, but specify certain rules that prevent the emulated game from being faster than the console version. Either way, these communities won’t frown on learning a game using an emulator, so don’t feel as though you can’t participate if you don’t have the game’s console. Lastly, make sure you visit and find the game you want to run so you can look up guides and interact with that game’s community. Most runs on the leaderboards for every game will also have a video posted with that player’s best run, adding another resource to draw from. Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy it!

Here’s an example of the world’s fastest time on Zelda: Ocarina of Time (any %)

You can find more information and sign up through this link:

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