The Power of a Vision

Never underestimate the vision of one man. Many artists, poets, and great writers have created incredible pieces of history with just their hearts and their hands. When talented game developers decide to take on a solo project, amazing things can come from it. That is the case for Jonas Manke (aka Studio Inkyfox), the German developer of the adventure indie game entitled Omno.

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The visuals are surreal, haunting, and beautiful. Courtesy of 80 Level

After being in animation for over 10 years, and working on many games and movies, Manke is ready to stretch his imagination. He created sprawling worlds of lush forests and seas of sand. He imagined giant and majestic creatures traversing the landscape. And he even envisioned a lone hero who must venture through all of these places and reveal the mysteries within. This is how the atmospheric world of Omno came to be.

A World Like No Other

As of now, the story of Omno is quite a mystery. What can be speculated about this game is that it will focus on one unique “Sackboy” looking protagonist. This character will solve puzzles and traverse the dangerous landscape with the help of a magical staff. This game is going to be a 3-D puzzle platformer, so it is most likely going to revolve around mechanical game play instead of being “combat heavy.”

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The style appears simple, but the detail is stunning. Courtesy of Inkyfox

The best part of the game play trailer is the environment. The cartoon aesthetic of this game is unlike anything I have ever seen. The artwork is block like, yet polished, giving the sprawling landscape a whimsical and foreboding feel. It is mystifying to see the main character dwarfed by giant flying creatures. I can only imagine that all of this is just a taste of what is to come.

Coming Soon From Kickstarter

There is no official release date currently for Omno , but the developer has indicated that it is projected for a 2019 launch.As of right now, it is undergoing crowdfunding through Kickstarter. If this project is something that you would be interested in funding, you can click on the link here to go to the site. Keep an eye on this title; it is guaranteed to turn some heads.