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On November 16, 2018, Electronic Arts released the Get Famous expansion for The Sims 4.
If you are new to The Sims or The Sims 4, this title is an expansion pack, not a standalone game. You must have The Sims 4 base game to use this pack. It is not yet available for Console, but you may get it on Mac and PC. Would I recommend this to you? Yes! In fact, if I were you, I’d find a way to get it soon. Now, with this said, let’s move on to this review so you can learn more about why you should go ahead and buy this!
image of sims from get famous
Sims 4 Get Famous

Famous Sims

With this expansion, your sim can become a famous celebrity. The best part is that your sim now has the ability to gain fame and become famous.  I went ahead and chose the acting career for my sim ‘Naomi’. When I say Naomi, remember, it’s my sim we are talking about! She will be showing you around Get Famous as we tell you all about it!  Many players have been requesting a new active career.
First, let’s meet Naomi! She has the new trait (Self-Absorbed). She has a new aspiration, so she wants to be a master actress. The star wanna be will change as we work on her skills and her acting career. So, the first thing we did was apply to be an actress. You have no work hours.
image of a sim standing with a disney princess background
Sims 4 CAS: Naomi Bennett

New Career

This career is a bit different than active careers, which is not a bad thing! We need diversity. With the new acting career, you choose an audition. If your sim passes the audition, then you get to go to work with your sim or send them alone. I recommend going to work with your sim.
Unlike the “Get to Work” careers, you can not extend your workday; so no staying late to work. After your workday is complete you are given the option to stay at the studio if you wish. Choosing your own audition is my and Naomi’s favorite part of the whole Acting Career!
image of teh audition selection screen
Audition selection

Earning Fame

Since Naomi is now an uncredited extra in the Actress Career, it is time to work on her fame. They have some ways to work on your fame in the new expansion. Naomi will do this by uploading videos using the More Views Video Station. She could choose to upload to social media, among her many other options to gain fame.
With Naomi in the Actress Career, there might be some things she will need to do to prepare for concerning the audition. If she passes the audition, then they will choose her gig date. She will have some preparation tasks as well. You know how celebrities in real life can develop bad reputations or lose their fame? Well, it can happen to poor Naomi if she isn’t careful.
image of the public image open
Public Image

Losing Fame!?

This can happen to your virtual celebrity!  No one said fame would be easy, and this includes in the virtual world as well. Do not forget to reply to comments and hype up your videos. As you gain fame, you are even able to choose perks! Though, I have no idea if you will ever be able to choose all them as the vampire powers. It’s still worth it to choose them as your sim’s fame increases. One of my favorite parts of fame is that you have to work at it. Work to gain fame and prevent from losing it, unlike The Sims 3.
You should read each perk before choosing. Make sure to choose the right ones for your sim and the path that they want to take. Or in this case, the path that you want them to take. One of my favorite perks is the Corporate Partnership. It gives an extra way of making some money for your sim and gaining some extra fame.
image of the fame perk points
Fame Perk Points

Video Station

Naomi decided she wanted to record a video using the Video Station, so we decided to see what was trending. This is a great feature added to where you can study trends to find out what videos you should record! Right now the trending topics are Toy Review, Comedy, Wellness, and Dazed Vlog. What this means is that those are the videos that Naomi should record. Though the dazed vlog means that you have to be in that emotional state to record those kinds of vlogs. It is disappointing that not all them will be available for you.
This expansion also brings acting to the table; since you also get the Acting skill. There are still some of you who still keep Sacrificial’s Road to Fame (RTF) mod, as such you will notice two acting skills. If you look at the icon, it’s easy to tell which one is his and which one is part of Get Famous. You shouldn’t have to worry about any interference between the two. The one that has the purple and yellow mask is that which belongs to EA and also goes up to skill level 10.
image of the acting skill in sims 4 get famous
Acting Skill

Del Sol Valley

Naomi moved into a little lot in Del Sol Valley; after all, that’s where the stars are, right? You have a new lot trait if you are brave enough to accept it. Naomi is a pretty courageous sim and with her rise to stardom, she decided to add the Celebrity Home trait. The trait said she’ll be “considered a poser”, but she doesn’t care.
 If you are only a 3-star celebrity, then fans and paparazzi might consider you a poser. Anything less than a three star, you are definitely a poser. Though fame can be pretty fickle, do you risk poser status with the paparazzi, or wait until a higher fame level? That choice is up to you, so will you leave your sim a poser or make them a star?
image of the new lot trait for sims 4
Lot Trait: Celebrity Home


There are some gorgeous new hairstyles and dresses to choose from! Your sim can style their hair or dress the part to look famous. There is something I am even more impressed about with CAS (Create-a-Sim). One thing about the CAS mode is the new vampire stuff, including scars. Seeing more added to these creatures of darkness made my day.
They even offer golden teeth for the sims of yours that might want them!  Of course, what good is a celebrity pack without adding a few pieces of jewelry along the way? There’s an eye monocle, some new earpieces, and a gorgeous necklace. I am disappointed that we didn’t get more makeup options for our Sims. As far as makeup goes, we only got some new face paints. I would have loved to have seen some new eyeshadows or lipsticks as well.
image of the face paint in cas mod sims 4
Face Paint

Clothing & Stairs

I do like that we received a few more hot weather options. It would have been nice to get at least one more full cold weather outfit option instead of a new set of snow boots. When looking in build mode, I noticed the stair railings. These are beautiful and fitting of a celebrity’s home. They have an intricate design with a glossy look to go with some new stairs as well. 
the stair railings in sijms 4 get famous
Stair Railings


My favorite part of the expansion is Aspirations! We have two new aspirations, Master Actress and World Famous Celebrity. When a new pack gets announced, this is the one thing I always hope that we get! Naomi has chosen the Master Actress aspiration, as she would like to rise to stardom. Her rise is coming along a little, but she felt that it should so we could take in everything to share with you! Her idea, not mine. Word got back to Naomi that a friend of hers even won an award for writing a book. This means you can win an award for other things outside of acting. Isn’t that great?
You can tell your sim to fish for compliments now! All you have to do is choose the new trait, Self-Absorbed. I chose to put this trait on Naomi, and one of my favorite parts of it is that she is happier when she signs autographs.
image of a sim giving a gift
A sim giving a gift

Public Image

We also need to pay attention to the public image now that we have this expansion. This public image is your Fame & Reputation, and you shouldn’t want this to be in the red for Reputation. You should always strive for a good reputation. Naomi will for sure!
You can be a 1-5 star celebrity. You must be careful, however. The wrong move could ruin your reputation. I am impressed by the different ways we have kept our reputation up aside from being friendly. You need to work at keeping your public image up, and this makes the expansion a lot more fun than the Showtime expansion we had in Sims 3.
There is so much more to this expansion that we couldn’t possibly get to everything in one article! My favorite parts of this expansion are having a new interactive career and new skills. It is a great expansion and worth your money. What do you think of the expansion? If you don’t have it, will you be looking to buy it soon?  Is there anything you’d like us to expand on in the future? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!
*I give this expansion a rating of 9, there are things that could be better, but overall is a great expansion*

DVS Score: 9/10