Winter has finally, finally arrived.

The phenomenal HBO drama series has made a return with a big bang as last Sunday was the premiere of the final season. With a massive amount of well-acted drama, humor and bit of nudity. This season premiere has to be the best one the show has ever put out. The episode is host to a few dragon scenes as well as several long-awaited reunions between key characters. With each mostly being catch-up stories between the two characters.

A Big-Bang Beginning.

The episode opens up in a way that a similar scene played out in the very first episode. As Dany and Jon are arriving at Winterfell with their armies and dragons being displayed to the northerners. While many are untrustworthy of her. Jon is quick to remind them all of the approaching White Walkers from the North. As the episode goes on, Jon and Dany’s relationship is shown as to how far it has progressed with a wonderful sequence involving Jon riding Rhaegal with Dany flying by his side with both sharing a tender and a somewhat humorous moment alone together. While the dragon riding scene was cool, and I’m glad the Jonerys ship is sailing well. I also felt the whole moment seemed to come out of nowhere, as a form of fan service. Wonderful fan service, but still fan service.


A Speedy Rescue.

As for the business in King’s landing. Euron’s noble quest to shag the Queen has finally come to an end with him bringing the Golden Company back to Westeros. Unfortunately, it appears that no Elephants have accompanied them. Due to either a tight show budget or the Golden Company having sold them to Sauron. At the end of the day, Cersei and Euron’s relationship seems to have a curious future with it being both toxic and potentially workable.

Meanwhile, Theon has seemingly put together a well-crafted rescue mission in order to free his sister Yara from Euron’s clutches. While we only see a small bit of it. It makes you wonder how he managed to sneak his men onto Euron’s ship, let alone find out which one Yara was held on. But it does have a strong moment of humor thrown into the mix, with Yara thanking Theon with a head-butt.

A Regular Throne’s Reunion.

Many characters, who’ve been apart for several seasons have finally been brought back together. It was a great episode for Arya, as she was finally reunited with not only Jon and Gendry but Sandor as well. The scene between Arya and Jon was really emotional with both their personality’s shining. With the scenes involving Gendry and the Hound being a bit more humor to them. It was very nice to see how both the Hound and Arya would react to each other, and it makes you question how their somewhat strained relationship will play out.

Tension and Uncertainty.

As for everyone’s favorite knight/mercenary, Bronn, well apparently, Cersei has decided to assassinate both Tyrion and Jamie for treason. And hiring Bronn with a wagon of gold in advance seems like the best way to go about it. It’s unclear as to whether or not Bronn will go through with it. But perhaps Bronn values his friendship with both Tyrion and Jamie more than he does Cersei’s gold.

GOT S8E1 wight

The episode nears its close by confirming that Tormund, Beric, and Ed did, in fact, survive the attack on the wall. With the three of them meeting up at The Last Hearth. What follows is a suspenseful, horror-filled moment involving a grotesque scene of a Wight child giving the audience a much-needed jump scare to really spice things up. All in all, the scene really reminds us of what could happen if the living is unable to achieve victory while depicting a grim possible future.

The Verdict.

While the episode was a bit fast paced, and one or two moments just felt thrown in there for the sake of fan service. The episode kicked off with a bang and ended with a suspenseful cliffhanger between Bran and Jamie, whose relationship is currently not good at the moment? It makes you more hyped for the remainder of the season and possibly gives some hints as to how this will all end. But with this being the first episode, there are still many answers left to be given. As to how it all ends? Well, it looks like that patience will be our greatest weapon if viewers wish to reach the end.

Review Score: 9.2/10