Voice Actors From Game of Thrones in BfA

There has been speculation on the forums of just about every actor from the popular show making an appearance in BfA. While some claims have yet to be validated, a few of the following have IMDb credits to the project. Here are the confirmed voice actors from the hit show.

Apprentice Marten Webb: John Bradley

The Apprentice is a human NPC located in Drustvar and is voiced by none other than John Bradley. Bradley plays Samwell Tarly in the show.

Both Sam Tarly and Marten Webb are novices to their masters, whom occasionally deal with alchemy. Perhaps the actor has found a niche market for his skills?

Regardless, his addition surprised players and brought many smiles to their faces.

John Bradley

Katherine Proudmoore: Indira Varma

I saw a few people in general chat asking where they knew Katherine’s voice from, and it caused a few debates between players. However, IMDb speaks no lie.

Varma portrays the widowed Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones. In Battle for Azeroth, however, she is a queen unto herself. Though, again, she plays a widow.

Indira Varma

She lends her voice to Katherine Proudmoore. And, though not as popular as Samwell Tarly’s character, her voice perks up our ears.


Even Sands can sail, it seems.


Daelin Proudmoore: Mark Addy

Mark Addy, Robert Baratheon

The doomed admiral was voiced by the same man who gave us the unhinged and rather unkingly King Robert. Unlike the prior example of Katherine Proudmoore, Mark Addy‘s gruff voice was quite recognizable.

His characters seem to have a hard time hunting boar…or orcs, it seems. Unlike his ill-fated characters, it seems Mark Addy is doing quite well for himself.

Let us know in the comments your favourite voice actors, from what show they come, and who you’d like to see them play in Battle for Azeroth.