For The Throne.

The long, painful wait is at last, coming to an end. HBO has just announced that the premier date for the final season of Game of Thrones. Set to launch in April 2019, the announcement came with a short teaser comprised of different clips from the show that could be hinting at what’s to come. Unfortunately, no specific date was given in the teaser. However, it does line up with the regular month that most seasons have premiered in, as seasons 1 through 6 have always had a premiere in or close to the month of april. The producers have stated multiple times that the final season would each have an episode longer than the traditional hour. With filming and editing requiring an additional year for production. The teaser can be viewed below, but don’t expect any new footage or dialogue, as that is still to come soon.

More Will Come After Winter Settles.

If you are sad by the fact that Game of Thrones will soon be ending, there is no need for the shedding of tears. HBO has already confirmed multiple times that 4 spinoff series are in the works. What these shows will actually entail remains a mystery. However, fans have speculated that one could focus on the series historical event, Robert’s Rebellion. Or perhaps the fall of the country of Valyria.

In the meantime however, the focus is all on the final season. For months now, fans, journalist and hackers have been prying the cast and crew for any information that could give them a hint at whats to come. So far, nothing has been released. This is no surprise as HBO stated that they beefed up security in order to prevent the likes of leaks and spoilers from reaching the far corners of the internet. Fans need only to be patient for a few more months. Then we will have our fix. Then and only then, will the throne belong to the final player.

Who do you think will end up on the Iron Throne? Will humanity triumph, or will the dead accomplish what the Lich King could not? Let us know in the comments below.

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