Patch 8.0

Legendary abilities may be useless in about three weeks, but you can have some fun before that.

Now that you can purchase specific legendaries with Wakening Essences, you can do some interesting things with legendaries and the reworked Battle For Azeroth talents. Now that some artifact traits are available as talents in the game, you can mix and match some legendaries with these traits to do some game-breaking stunts, or just have a little fun. Legendaries will be useful until level 115 in BfA, but now is a great time to try some of these out for yourselves!

Legendaries in WoW

Death Knight

Blood: Combine Skullflower’s Haemostasis and the talent Hemostasis to give yourself increased damage and healing from Death Strike. Damage and healing from the ability can go as high as 140% if you have a full five stacks.

Frost: Consort’s Cold Core and the talent Frostwyrm’s Fury reduces the talent’s cooldown to a mere 90 seconds. This combination is effective for crowd controlling adds and dealing AOE damage. This could be useful for fights such as Portal Keeper Hasabel and Eonar.

Pairing the legendary Cold Heart and the talent Cold Heart is also effective. In addition to the talent Chains of Ice, this combination allows you to hit for 620 percent attack power. This combination also stuns the target.

Demon Hunter

Havoc: The legendary Anger of the Half-Giants and the talent Insatiable Hunger makes the ability Demon’s Bite generate anywhere from 2 to 24 Fury per attack.


Balance: Combining the legendary Lady and the Child along with the talent Twin Moons can increase Moonfire damage by 44 percent. In addition, the ability hits two extra targets. This could be effective on fights like Eonar or in Mythic+ content.

Restoration: The talent Photosynthesis and the legendary The Dark Titan’s Advice can have great effects on the ability Lifebloom. Lifebloom now has two 5 percent chances to bloom. One chance will be for its normal value. The other chance will bloom to triple its normal value. This makes healing as a restoration druid a bit easier for now.


Marksmanship: A combination of Ullr’s Feather Snowshoes and the talent Calling the Shots will help MM hunters pop Trueshot more often. This combination reduces the cooldown of Trueshot by 3.3 seconds per Multi-Shot.


Fire: The legendary Koralon’s Burning Touch and the talent Searing Touch can combine to have the ability Scorch deal 500 percent extra damage. If the boss is below 30 percent HP, it becomes a guaranteed critical hit. This can prove extra useful in execute phases. This also effectively replaces the filler spell Fireball with Scorch. Given that you can cast Scorch while moving, this can make a fire mage rise up the damage meters quickly.

The ability Pyroclasm and the legendary Marquee Bindings of the Sun King give you two 15 percent chances of making the next hard cast of Pyroblast deal 525 percent extra damage. Therefore, it could make Pyroblast your opener.

Frost: Combining the talent Chain Reaction with Magtheridon’s Banished Bracers will prove a boost to frost mage damage. Players can have Ice Lance deal an extra 35.7 percent damage if you maintain maximum stacks.


Brewmaster: Combining the legendary Sal’salabim’s Lost Tunic and the ability Spitfire allow Keg Smash and Tiger Palm to reset Breath of Fire. Breath of Fire is normally a 15 second cooldown.

The talent Bob and Weave combined with the legendary Jewel of the Lost Abbey can make Stagger last six extra seconds.

Windwalker: A combination of the legendary Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred and the talent Good Karma can increase the maximum damage of Touch of Karma by 400 percent.


Holy: Combining the talent Awakening and the legendary The Topless Tower will drastically increase your healing abilities. This combination gives Light of Dawn two chances to grant you Avenging Wrath for either 8 or 10 seconds.

Retribution: The legendary Whisper of the Nathrezim and the talent Righteous Verdict combine to increase the damage of the next Templar’s Verdict by 30 percent.


Shadow: A combination of the legendary Mangaza’s Madness and the talent Shadow Word: Void can give a huge boost to shadow priest damage. This combination will allow you to have three stacks of Mind Blast.


Assassination: Previously, using the legendary The Dreadlord’s Deceit and the talent Hidden Blades increased the damage of Fan of Knives 57.5 times and made the spec useful outside of single target. However, the hotfix has made this additive, increasing the damage of Fan of Knives by 1450 percent.


Affliction: Using the legendary Hood of Eternal Disdain and the talent Creeping Death allows Agony to deal damage 22.8 percent faster than normal.


Arms: Using Ayala’s Stone Heart and the talent Sudden Death gives you two chances every time to use Execute regardless of the target’s HP.

Fury: Ceann-Ar Charger and the talent Endless Rage gives you 14 Rage when you use Enrage.

What is your favorite legendary/talent combo? Let us know in the comments below!