Artifact Weapons

With the clock ticking down on the current expansion, you can now get full Concordance on your artifact weapons.

A blue post has confirmed that you can now maximize your artifact weapons before their retirement in Battle For Azeroth. Previously, the cap was set so high that nobody could possibly do it. The closest one could get to max level is if they played every hour of the day, every single day. This will give players a boost to complete challenges such as the Mage Tower and do last-minute Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) runs for Antorus.

Artifact Weapons leveled

“Just some clarification on this one but yes there should be a quest called “The Speaker’s Call” that should begin the Artifact Weapon Overcharge. You will need to complete the prerequisite Magni quests in order to receive “The Speaker’s Call”. When you complete this it should overcharge your artifact up to Artifact Level 126 which puts you at 75 Concordance. All of the existing traits will function until the pre-patch,” said Community Manager Ythisens. “Take advantage of the overcharge and go take on things like the Mage Tower, Ahead of the Curve: Argus, and The Chosen that are removed when the pre-patch goes live soon™. Also, don’t forget the usual Mythic mount drop chances that will be lowered from their guaranteed 100% when Battle for Azeroth goes live!”

The CM also hinted at further boosts before the expansion.

Another blue post by the CM encouraged players to go out and do these tasks. “It should only affect Artifacts that are below that value. So if you’re above Concordance 75 it should keep you at that Concordance value. However you might notice it jump up in a week or two 😉 This just simply upon completion moves everyone to Concordance 75 and then next week another bump, and then another. You get the picture. TL;DR: Smash everything.”

Do you plan to smash everything before the expansion? Do you have all of your Mage Tower appearances? Let us know in the comments below!