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Lucifer is a TV show that ran for three years on Fox.

Season three of Lucifer ended with a cliffhanger in hopes of the shows potential renewal. Disappointing news of its cancellation hit the actors, producers, and fans hard like a ton of bricks. The reason for the cancellations is not due to ratings, but instead due to the network’s deal with NFL football.

Image of lucifer and a character from brooklyn nine nine
Lucifer/Brooklyn nine nine

Thursday Night Football will take over more than 30 hours of space on the schedule. Fox also has rights to the Major League Baseball post-season games, including the World Series. Even though Fox has canceled five shows, Warner Brothers TV is trying to seal the deal with Gotham.

One thing Fox has done in the past couple of days, the 2018 cancellations made the #1 trending topic on Twitter for two days in a row. #SaveLucifer is a popular hashtag now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been picked up by NBC. There was fan backlash over the cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fans are being prompted to use #savelucifer, to “raise hell” to try, and get Lucifer “un-canceled” or at least picked up by another network.

✊?#SaveLucifer is making me smile. Thank you for speaking up #LuciFans

— tom Ellis (@tomellis17) May 12, 2018

It could be likely Hulu might be a right spot for it, or even the CW Network. This could be a likely move to save the show. The actors are floored by the overwhelming response to try to keep Lucifer going. Tom Ellis specifically made a post about how happy he is over the response about Lucifer‘s cancellation.

What do you think of the fans reactions to Fox’s choice to cancel Lucifer? Have you seen the show? What are your impressions of the cast and shows premise? Let us know in the comments below.