Fortnite Bringing Back Controversial Weapon With Changes

After thoughtful modifications, the free to play game, Fortnite, is bringing back its most controversial weapons. This same weapon ALSO happens to be one of our favorites. In their developer update, the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games, released the information that the previously defunct guided missile will be making its triumphant return to the game’s Battle Royale mode. It is rumored to be returning during next week’s patch update.

The Removal of the Missile

The guided missile was removed from the game because players felt it was not fair. And, this gave an unearned advantage to others. For those that do not know about the missile, this device was remotely controlled by a player to attack enemies. This allows players to take down enemies in forts. And, also in otherwise fortified positions without stepping out into the danger and exposing themselves.

What Changes Does Epic Plan to Make?

For starters, the guided missile will server more as a scouting tool and less as an explosive weapon of mass destruction. They have taken measures to reduce the speed, damage, and turn radius. This means that getting caught in the missile’s crossfire isn’t the end all be all for players, as they have a chance to outrun or survive an attack.

Fans are also waiting in anticipation for an answer on the most important subject…will guided missile riding still be a thing?! While the majority of Fortnite players used the missiles to dismantle enemies, many use it to flank opponents. And, in some cases, even outrun the storm to safety. The reduced speed and turning radius will likely make that difficult to do effectively.

But We Have to Hand it to Epic

While the subject of guided missiles returning in Fortnite is controversial, it is clear that Epic is taking plenty of steps to ensure they are not the same experience as before they were removed from the game.

But three cheers for Epic Games for pushing their development team to rework weapons and items in the game lately, instead of tossing them into the vault never to be seen again. While there are plenty of weapons Fortnite fans would love to see leave the vault and get revised, for now, they have new and (hopefully) improved guided missiles to look forward to!

Where to Play

Fortnite is available now for iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.