Argus the Unmaker

Five Players Brought Argus Down on Heroic Difficulty!

Though the three player takedown of Argus we wrote about yesterday was impressive, this five player heroic version is definitely something to watch! Aggramar is also included in their list of five player kills. With Battle for Azeroth right around the corner, it’s exciting to see some of these impressive players taking down the current content bosses.

Wowhead states the Solar Flare guild’s players from the Ravencrest EU servers were victorious. Havoc demon hunter Adoxe, resto druid Madily, blood death knight Gachilengz, marksmanship hunter Spudder, warlock Tayslock, and warlock Bandik teamed up to take down these two end bosses. Tayslock helped the five-man group on Aggramar and Bandik took over for Argus.

aggramar, wow, antorus, argus, heroic
Heroic Aggramar Screenshot from Solar Flare’s Video

The team provided a guide for defeating both bosses with a five-man group which can be found here. They mention that the flame rend ability was one of the most difficult things for them to combat during the Aggramar kill. During Argus, they recommend using the bloodlust/heroism ability at the start. This way, players can then benefit from it again at the very end.

antorus, wow, argus, legion, heroic
Heroic Argus Screenshot from Solar Flare’s Video

This isn’t the first time this team has come together to defeat heroic bosses. They were also able to defeat heroic Kil’jaeden in the past. They also referenced burnout about current content as one of their motivating factors in taking on this task. Rather than just farming and calling it quits, they decided to challenge themselves with attempting heroic bosses.

The strategy was somewhat dependant on the resto druid’s ability to hop into bear from. This allows the blood death knight to reset stacks. They also use on the blur ability from the demon hunter so that Adoxe could tank. Gachilengz was then able to revive during the Argus kill.

You can watch both fights below, courtesy of the team and Wowhead.

What do you think of the heroic five-man kills? Is this something you’d attempt? Let us know in the comments!