Bethesda, the company behind favorites such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls, started teasing fans about something new happening in the franchise. As anticipation builds, fans are spending hours glued to Bethesda’s Twitch watching nothing but a television and Vault-Tec bobble head.

Around 10:00 am ET on May 30th, 2018, over 140,000 people were tuned in to Bethesda’s Twitch channel to watch a Fallout bobble head. Various people cycled in and out doing silly things such as putting the bobble head to sleep, throwing a party for it, and baking it cupcakes. For hours, viewers intensely watched and waited for a glimpse of confirmation since Bethesda released their “Please Stand By” teaser yesterday.

Bethesda’s latest game in the franchise, Fallout 4, was cryptically announced in June 2015. Following the announcement, the game released in November of that year. As of now, especially with their E3 panel being in early June, fans are expecting a similar timeline.

The project has been released as Fallout 76.

What is Vault 76?

Vault 76, the setting that was identified in this trailer, is familiar to fans of the Fallout Franchise. It is nodded to in a few of the series games, including Fallout 3, the Mothership Zeta expansion, and Fallout 4.

What makes Vault 76 unique is that is was a control vault. Which means they were intended to work as designed but opening up to release people back into the world 20 years after they locked their door.

But what about the cinematic?

Our first view in the cinematic trailer is a pip boy playing beloved and familiar sounding music. If we look closely, we can see that there is an alarm set for October 27th, 2102 at 6:34 am. There are also a few Easter eggs that will likely contain important dates and information. We see a poster that says 1776-2076.

We also get a panoramic view of what appears to be remnants of a celebration. This celebration is complete with balloons, and a banner which says, “Reclamation Day!”

What is curious about this is that there is no one else in this Vault with the dweller. And, the place appears to have never been cleaned up after the party.

We are left with the image of our lone wanderer putting the pip-boy on, and strapping into a Vault 76 suit. We never get a view of their face and are left with these words, “when the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled. You must rebuild. In Vault 76, our future begins”.

What does all this mean?

There is obviously speculation about what Vault 76 is going to be.

Given that Vault 76 is right outside D.C. and the song played in the trailer is “Country Roads” by John Denver (frequently citing West Virginia in the song, which is right outside of D.C.,) some fans are rooting for a follow up to Fallout 3.

Other fans are guessing that the Fallout franchise is finally going to deliver on some form of multiplayer. Fans are asking for mutliplayer options, whether it be an online MMO or couch co-op style.

There are even presumptions that Vault 76 might be a larger scale version of Fallout Shelter.

What should we be expecting?

Jason Schreier, a news editor at Kotaku, stated in a tweet that: “anyone expecting a traditional, single-player RPG will be very disappointed”. He has since had a follow-up tweet regarding that comment, shown below.

But fans still have to wait for answers

Bethesda’s E3 press conference, where the publisher will likely speak more on this project. This will take place on Sunday, June 10th at 6:30 PM Pacific Time.

What are your thoughts?

Were you able to catch the live stream of the cinematic? What are you hoping Vault 76 will end up being? Let us know in the comments!