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A Lot Has Changed

Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu are not your typical Pokemon adventure. Catching Pokemon is different, completely turning the previous farming formula on its head. If you’re not fainting Pokemon, how do you get extra experience? How does it affect trying to get a shiny?

Both of these mechanics are now greatly influenced by catching multiple Pokemon of the same species in a row in a “combo.” Mastering this technique requires some knowledge on how to maintain that combo. This can save players a lot of headache.

Using Combos to Farm Experience

When you encounter a wild Pokemon in Let’s Go, the only way to get experience from it is to catch it. If it runs away, or if you do, you get nothing.

That means that in order to get extra levels by farming, you need to have lots of Pokeballs. Spending money to get experience makes it seem high-cost, but there are ways to bring that cost down. Namely, utilizing combos.

After you catch a Pokemon it will tell you your combo number. Image courtesy of Gamerant.

The more of the same Pokemon you catch, the more experience you get for each one. To really utilize this mechanic the best, you need to do more than catch them. Try and get a nice, great, or excellent throw. Can you catch the Pokemon on the first try? Combining these experience bonuses give you the best return on your combos.

Using Combos to Catch Shinys

Catching shinys is even more plausible in Let’s Go than in previous games. You can now see Pokemon running wild and you can easily target the one you want. The more you combo a Pokemon, the more likely you will get a shiny. Below you will see how your odds change depending on your combo:

  • 1-10: 1/4,096 shiny chance
  • 11-20: 1/1024 shiny chance
  • 21-30: 1/512 shiny chance
  • 31+: 1/341.3 shiny chance (a combo over 31 does not increase your odds any more)
You only need to get a combo of 31 to get your maximum shiny spawn rate boost. Image courtesy of VG247.

The best part is that you can see the shiny appear. It will be surrounded in a glittering animation, as well as displaying the unique shiny color.

To boost your odds even more, once you complete your Pokedex you can get a shiny charm. This will boost your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon. Combos and the charm can be stacked. Using all possible combos you can get your shiny spawn rate to 1/273.

An Important Thing to Consider

It is worth noting that it appears that comboing a common Pokemon will trigger shiny spawning for all Pokemon. This will decrease your cost of farming if you target weak, green-circled creatures like Magikarp that only need a standard pokeball to catch.

How to Maintain a Combo

All of this effort in farming can easily be ruined if your combo gets interrupted. Play strategically and you should be able to maintain it. But what will and won’t break your combo?

What Won’t Interrupt a Combo

  • Accidentally bumping into a different Pokemon and running away without catching it
  • Running away from a Pokemon, whether it is your combo pokemon or not
  • Fast traveling somewhere else
  • Battling a trainer

What Will Interrupt a Combo

  • Restarting the game, regardless of if you saved when you had a combo going
  • A Pokemon running away from you

The Best Strategy

I find that the best strategy is to be aware that if your combo Pokemon runs away that you lose your combo. Flighty Pokemon are the biggest threat to your combo.

Since you don’t lose the combo if you run away, if you don’t catch the Pokemon in two tries, run away from it. You should run away before it gets the chance to. After two tries, the Pokemon will become able to run away.

Try and farm a shiny by catching a bunch of green-circled pokemon like Oddish here, instead of the harder to catch Growlithe. Image courtesy of Daily Express.

Should You Use a Lure?

Using a lure doubles your chances of finding a shiny, but it’s also a pain in the rear. A lure brings out rare pokemon, and if you’re shiny hunting a common Pokemon, those rares will most likely get in your way and stop your commons from spawning.

But if you’re hunting for a rare pokemon, go for it. Try not to move around much. Since Pokemon will spawn where you can see them, you don’t need to be running around until you spot one. Lure effects are still based on distance traveled, but in Let’s Go, they will still spawn Pokemon if you’re not moving. Get your money’s worth and use lures effectively.

Other Benefits to Using Combos

The higher your combo, the more likely you are going to have a Pokemon with amazing IVs. Once you reach the max effective combo of 31 you are pretty much guaranteed to get 4 perfect IVs.

Because of combos generating good IVs, you can use combos for getting good Pokemon. If it takes the full 31 combo to get your shiny, then it will likely have great stats, too. A shiny that’s not just a trophy catch, yes please.

A Vulpix with amazing stats. Image courtesy of All Gamers.

Good Luck in Your Adventure

Whether you’re after extra experience or shinys, I hope this guide has shed some light on how to achieve your goals. If you catch a shiny using these tips, let us know in the comments below!