Subnautica concept art

We Will Soon be Diving Deeper in Below Zero

Unknown Worlds has started releasing information about the new expansion, ‘Below Zero.’ The title follows the smash hit of the original Subnautica, where players crashed into a vast marine planet. There, they had to discover the secrets of the world and eventually escape. But to do this, players had to dig deeper.

The New Story

Planet 4546B is making a return, and so are the players. The new standalone story will take players back to the dark and dangerous, the bountiful and beautiful. However, news on the upcoming expansion is not bountiful. It is, however, beautiful, as the concept art shows.

subnautica concept art: Below Zero

The company has stated it wishes to keep the key gameplay from the original. These include base-building and the open world exploration that kept players enchanted and engaged. There were also hints about the story. An orbital station far from federation space indicates this journey will be intentional.

subnautica concept art: Below Zero

Moreover, there is a quote attributed to the Alterra company, whom the player was working for in the first game. Some of the mysteries of the base game will be revisited.

subnautica concept art: Below Zero


A League of its Own

One of the charms of the original Subnautica game was its finality. Unlike other survival games it shares its genre with, Subnautica had a story with a definite end. You would not linger in perpetuity in the grand, empty halls you constructed. Indeed, you wanted to finish the story. It was this story which kept players wanting to go deeper. Its story and immersive environments were the main reasons I finished the game. Despite the intensely terrifying parts of the game, the jump scares, and the swimming for dear life, Subnautica holds your attention. It waves the beauty and mystery in front of you, and so makes you conquer your fear.

Whether Below Zero will be able to stand tall against its predecessor remains to be seen. As of now, the expansion is scheduled for a release sometime in 2019.

For those of you who have played the original game, what are your thoughts on the new expansion announcement? And if you haven’t played it, do so. Buy it and play it this instant.