It’s full steam ahead in World of Warships as Wargaming prepares to launch the hit MMO on the console, with a big addition: submarines!

On September 11, DVS Gaming had the distinct pleasure of attending an exclusive press event on behalf of Wargaming. The event is in honor of Wargaming launching their hit naval MMO World of Warships on console in the form of World of Warships: Legends. The German game devs are known for throwing some of the coolest press events, and this one was no different. We arrived in San Fransisco, Californa, welcomed by beautiful weather. We made our way to Pier 45 to attend the event. Once there, we were given a pretty badass challenge coin as a keepsake, but this wasn’t just any challenge coin. Besides the clean and colorful World of Warships branding, this challenge coin also granted us access to a submarine tour that was only a short walk down the pier.

Exploring the submarine was unreal. From the outside, the submarine is impressive in size, but it just doesn’t look like it could (or should) fit more than 10 men comfortably. But, it did, albeit the comfort. After we finished our in-depth tour of the submarine, we made out way back to the visitors center where the event was being held. This time, an open bar and full buffet were waiting for us. Additionally, several PCs were set up with the iconic World of Warships logo beckoning us. It was nearly time.

The USS Pampanito submarine at historic Pier 45 in San Francisco, CA

After filling our bellies and some casual chit-chat with other writers, we sat down while Wargaming’s publishing director, Alexander Nikolaev, took us by the proverbial hand to teach us everything we could ever wish to know about the history of World of Warships. We learned about the evolution of the ships, aircraft carries, and anything else that you can think of in the game. Then we moved on to “what’s new” in Warships. Along with some new events and updates to current builds, one word was uttered that left us speechless: submarines.

Alexander Nikolaev, publishing director at World of Warships North America, leading the Warships presentation.

Get Ready To Sink Your Expectations

This is a big deal for two reasons. For one, Wargaming has made it clear on several occasions that submarines would not be added to the game because it would so drastically alter the gameplay. Secondly, the addition of submarines on the battlefield will transform the game on a massive scale and most definitely disgruntle the OG players. It is safe to say that if there are players that have not touched the game in months come back to Warships after the addition of submarines, they likely will not recognize the game. Still, it is an exciting move forward for Wargaming and goes to show just how closely they listen to their community and strive to keep the game fresh.

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We got to watch the subs in action, and believe me, the addition of submarines is going to be groundbreaking. What everyone thought they knew about World of Warships is about to be seriously shaken up. Unfortunately, due to some horrible wifi on the pier, we weren’t able to try out the subs hands-on, but just seeing them in action felt completely satisfying. With the USS Pampanito sitting right on the other side of the pier, I truly felt that we were in submarine heaven and I never wanted to leave.

Alexander Nikolaev directing a hands-on gameplay preview of the latest World of Warships build.

The evening concluded with some food, an open bar (whoo!) and the other guests sitting to chat with Alexander about all things Warships and submarines. We took one last tour of the USS Pampanito to grab some more footage and made our way back to the venue to begin packing up. As we began departing, looking back at the now lifeless and retired USS Pampanito felt like a haunting threat. “The submarines are coming.” 

Are you a World of Warships fan? What are your thoughts on the addition of submarines?