Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur, who was allegedly shot dead in 1996, has resurfaced in Cuba.

Tupac Shakur, rap icon of the 1990s, was mysteriously “killed” in Las Vegas in September 1996. However, people have asked many questions surrounding his mysterious “death”. Some people have theories that the iconic rapper had never even died. Others have blamed Suge Knight, the former head of Tupac’s record label, Death Row Records. Suge Knight’s son, Suge J. Knight, has said that Tupac is alive and is currently recording new music.

DVS Gaming has located the elusive Tupac in an undisclosed location. We managed to take a picture of him before the interview, confirming that he is alive.

Tupac Alive

DVS Gaming: So let’s get down to the question everybody is asking: did you fake your own death?

Tupac: I won’t confirm or deny that. It could have been a body double. I could have gotten away with it if 6ix9ine wasn’t such a snitch.

DVS Gaming: So have you been keeping up with the news for the past 23 years?

Tupac: Yep, I’ve been doing that, and more. I’ve been recording in the studio and I want to release my new material. You know those six albums I released after my “death”? That was some deep stuff too. I know you guys elected a black president and everything. He’s a big fan of mine too, and he knew about me being alive the whole time.

We talked with Tupac about gaming.

Tupac and Rihanna

DVS Gaming: It must get lonely in the studio and trying to stay “dead”. Do you play video games at all?

Tupac: I’ve been playing them all! PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch…I can’t get enough of it. There’s this one game I really don’t like, though. Fortnite looks like some Looney Tunes stuff. Why would anyone play that game? I’ve been digging Apex Legends and World of Warcraft. For the Horde! But let me be real with you; I love Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It reminds me of home.

DVS Gaming: Do you have anything to say to the people who spread lies about you being dead?

Tupac: When I release my new album, I Ain’t Dead You Lying Snitch Nines, they’ll know if I’m really dead. I mean, I released six albums after I “died”. For some of my more vocal critics, they’ll get a diss track because they can’t be going around telling people I died.

DVS Gaming: Who’s on your new album?

Tupac: Migos, Post Malone, Kanye West, and of course, kicking it with the old homies Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. I remember my mom and I babysitting this little girl and she ended up stealing some of my jewelry like my favorite gold chain. They call her Cardi B now. Might put her on the album.

DVS Gaming: What is your advice to new rappers today?


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