Military Engagement Within Esports

The US Army has been known to excel at its sports. The military branch has a champion football team, a world-class marksmanship program, and much more. Most of this is used as a means to recruit able body athletes into the military, as well as boost pride for their branch. With their hand in so many activities, it was only a matter of time before Army recruitment services focused on video games as a possible outreach venue.

According to a November 10th post on Reddit, the United States Army will soon be using esports to boost recruitment rates. The report comes from the Army’s sub-reddit. On the post, Staff Sergeant Ryan Meaux reported that the recruiting services within the Army will employ two new competitive outreach teams, a functional fitness team, and an esports team. Each of the teams will consist of enlisted men and woman who serve their country within the Army.

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Fornite and the Army

The report was rather ambiguous and did not provide very much information concerning the addition of an esports team. Aside from saying that an esports team will be created, it did reveal that Fortnite will be used in competition as well. Other titles will be revealed later on. Concerning the team itself, SSG Meaux said the following in his post:

“We are actually in the process of standing up two new competitive outreach teams — an Army esports team and an Army Functional Fitness team. Both teams will be part of the Marketing and Engagement Brigade based at Fort Knox. Soldiers on both teams will travel to various events and compete for the Army. The outreach team members will receive the same pay and benefits as other Soldiers of equal rank across the Army.”

All You Can Be With Army Esports

The men and women of our military services provide so much for this country. No matter the branch, their sacrifice is deeply appreciated. It is good to see that video games will be used to promote military service. If you would like to learn more about how you can join the US Army yourself, click on this link.