Epic Games Players Miss Forums

Epic Games has been competing with Steam as platform and store-and they may be on the losing end. Epic’s store has no forums for the games, and users are turning to forums on Steam. Epic stated that the lack of forums was to avoid conflicts and arguing that often happens when users interact. However, they continue to allow forums for their games. There is a “help” tab on Epic’s site, but it provides limited support. The “help” tab only supports Epic games (such as Fortnite), the launcher, and the store. You can buy other studio’s games through the store, but with no support (in any form) from Epic. This is one area where users have begun turning to Steam. Steam allows users to participate in forums and is focused on making games enjoyable for their players.

Boycott Epic?

Reddit users are pushing toward Steam and are encouraging others to make the switch. Several threads are geared toward the move, including one calling for a boycott of Epic Games. The thread can be found under r/pcgaming. The original post cites several reasons for their call to boycott, including poor customer service and bad security. The user also targets the price of games, lack of achievements, online-only play, and the lack of forums. The thread has 3.3 thousand comments and an 81% upvote rate. Scrolling through the thread reveals that the poster is not alone in his frustration with Epic

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Epic’s Security is Lacking

A seemingly universal concern shared by Reddit users is Epic’s security. Epic released a report in January 2019, that admitted to a breach that put millions of Fortnite players data in jeopardy. The hack allowed compromised accounts to be logged in and the in-game store used. The store allows players to send purchased content to other accounts. The breach would allow hackers to purchase content and then send it to their own accounts. They also experienced a large outbreak of hacks last year. Epic claims they are continuing to try their best to keep security up and help those who have been hacked. Users say that when they tried to make their accounts secure, they were then hacked again. While the security breaches seem focused on Fortnite it raises the question of account safety for other users. 

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Epic Players are Already Using Steam

Users who play games produced by Epic can’t make the move to Steam, but those who have just been using the launcher and store have the option to play those games elsewhere. Subnautica forums on Steam have already started playing host to Epic users who need help. Overall it seems Epic users are fed up with the company and are leaning toward Steam instead.