When Claustrophobia Meets Fun

Anyone who has watched their fair share of modern television has heard of escape rooms. People are first locked in a room or series of rooms. They must then find a way to escape their prison. Players solve puzzles and piece together clues that reveal the solution. Escape rooms are quickly becoming date night favorites, many being built around themes or horror and mystery. Currently, there are over 2,000 escape room development companies in the United States alone.

Since escape rooms are so successful, it makes sense that game developers would catch on. Horror experiences like The Call of Cthulu and Dying Light capture this claustrophobic experience quite well. They have a sense of urgency in solving puzzles, but they in themselves are not escape rooms. The augmented reality firm called Adver2Play has developed an authentic escape room experience that can be played anywhere. With just the use of a mobile device, a portal can be opened into the world of Scriptum, the world’s first AR escape room.

Image result for Scriptum escape room
The portal to the escape room can be opened anywhere there is enough free space. Courtesy of TouchArcade

Fifteen Minutes to Win It

Scriptum is a unique AR app that allows players to enter into their own escape room. Within the room, they attempt to solve puzzles and leave it. The software first scans the ground around the user. That will then create an AR portal that the player can walk through. Players will only have 15 minutes to escape from the room once inside of it. With the mobile device, the player will be able to scan the room and find clues to assist in solving the puzzles.

The Beginning of a New Trend?

Games based on augmented reality are quickly becoming more popular. Many mobile gaming development companies have been branching out into the world of AR. We can thank Pokemon Go! for that. Perhaps Scriptum is just the beginning of a new way to play games.

If this is a game that interests you, you can download it in the App Store for free on iOS or Android. Are you clever enough to escape Scriptum?