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Third party developers have taken their website and tools offline today until Sunday the 30th to prove how vital they are to Frontier’s space sim. **UPDATE** The sites have been restored.

Developers who make tools and web pages for Elite Dangerous are upset with how Frontier, the developer of Elite Dangerous, treats them. In a statement posted on the game’s forum, they explain the developer has not supported their efforts and fails to be transparent with them despite their tools being used daily to enhance the gameplay for players. The strike is a four-day shut down starting today and lasting until Sunday, the 30th of April. The strike ended prematurely after Frontier Games responded.

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They claim that Frontier does not play an active role in encouraging the development of their tools and are calling for more transparency and support from the developer. Their official statement reads:

Our third-party websites and tools are used on a daily basis by many tens of thousands of players, and they generate millions of pageviews every month. We believe that our tools greatly enhance the game playing experience, and yet we often feel that Frontier does not actively encourage the effort that goes into supporting their game with these tools. We believe they can and should improve on this situation by maintaining clear and open communication with the third-party developer community. There is currently no easy way for us to request features and support that will benefit the community as a whole, and there is often no warning from Frontier when a game update will alter or break existing APIs that we rely on. This places a significant extra burden on third-party tool makers to work around these issues and to fix our tools. Repeated requests for support and bug fixes are made, but there is frustration caused by an apparent lack of progress on those.

The strike is already impacting the MMO as this weekend Frontier is holding a massive in-game event. The event would have players would participate in a roleplaying event and the outcome would affect the novel of the story. Elite dangerous feels that this is what needs to be done in order for them to feel like their demands and needs are being met as a development team. Servers will remain offline from Thursday the 27th of April 12:00 UTC until Sunday the 30th of April 12:00 UTC

The following sites and apps will be affected:

**UPDATE** The sites have been restored.

The third party developers have issued an updated and restored after Frontier Games responded to their demands. Ed Lewis, for Frontier Games, responded shortly after the shutdown began.

After speaking in private with the OP and other involved community developers, we have all agreed that it was best for the community to bring the websites back up as soon possible. This will be happening simultaneously at 19:00 UTC (where possible) for all the sites.

We have made a commitment to work more closely with the third party developer community to address concerns and support these features which the community use and value on a daily basis.

These ongoing communications will include developers from other third party websites who may be interested, not just those listed in the OP. If you are an active and established third party Elite Dangerous developer, get in touch with

We all hope that clears things up!

Thanks everyone,


OP commended Frontier Games for their fast response and look forward toward a continued symbiotic relationship with Frontier.

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