As I watched the various video press conferences featured at the E3 convention, there were videos that showed more and more of Kingdom Hearts 3.  We are breaking down those videos and reveals.


What we already know about Kingdom Hearts 3 was substantial before E3 from a small set of videos and press releases.  Firstly, there’s the knowledge that some of the Summon attacks in the game will be based on well-known Disney theme park rides.  The known rides used include Big Thunder Railroad and the Mad Hatter’s Teacups.

We know that Sora would return with Goofy and Donald as the central characters the player will control.

And we knew that players would find themselves in Twilight Town , originally introduced as the town Roxas inhabited at the beginning of KH2.  Newer worlds confirmed in were from the films of Tangled, Monsters, Inc., and Toy Story.


Square Enix announced the long-awaited release date for the game as January 29, 2019.  Previously, place holder dates for pre-orders indicated the game would come out in 2018, therefore the 2019 date was a bit of a surprise.  Then again, this game was thought to be coming out for the last three years, so a month-delay is not a serious wait.

A Kingdom Hearts 3 bundle is currently available for pre-order at the Square Enix Online Store.


The first video of Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 was from the Microsoft Press Conference.  Here is the trailer.

Let’s break down what’s in this video.

Firstly, there is the phrase, “The Light is gathering together.  Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose.”  This phrase, to me, means that characters from a number of the Kingdom Hearts game will be in KH3.

Next, there is a snowy port city.  Most ardent Disney fans know Arondale, the kingdom in Pixar’s Frozen.  We have views of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf.  There is also the new Blizzard Blades weapon for Sora, the heroes sledding on Goofy’s shield, and a new Simba summon.

Elsa defends against a Heartless

We also see King Arthur’s Carousel from Disneyland as an attack mechanic and a clip of what appears to be a Ratatouille mini-game.  The film’s rat, Remy, is controlling Sora to cook.

Next up is another theme park ride attack of Grizzly Rapids boat ride and Wreck-It Ralph as a summon.

We see Rapunzel from Tangled.  She uses her long hair to swing Sora from cliff to cliff.  Next is a view of a few mechanics revealed previously and a short scene of how the customary Gummi ship scenes will look.

The following scene shows that members of Organization XIII and their leader, Xehanort, are the villains in this game.  This is when this game’s primary theme, “Don’t Think Twice” by Hikaru Utada, kicks in.

From here, we have expanded looks at some of the prior reveals for KH3 including Hercules and the Coliseum, Toy Story, and Monster’s Inc.

Aqua has fallen

The final scene of this video will matter to long-time fans.  A hero from prior games in the series, Aqua, picks up a keyblade.  However, her eyes show that she has been corrupted by the Darkness.


The final video shows that Kingdom Hearts 3 will revisit a world from KH2, the Caribbean.

Again, you have the phrase from the prior trailer.  This video jumps right into the reveal that the heroes are back to the world of Jack Sparrow and Port Royal, however, this game will borrow from the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Where this game differs, though, is that it involves actual naval combat and Sora fighting underwater without the use of a dolphin tail.

Where’s the singing crab?!

There is a titanic mid-boss of some sort that I can’t identify, however it will be another prompt-heavy battle, I’m sure.

Hikaru Utada’s theme starts again, and we have more previously unseen clips from Tangled, Frozen, Monster’s Inc., and Toy Story.  However, it does appear that Organization XIII is looking for the next seven pure hearts to open a doorway.

Finally, we’re surprised by Axel and Kairi having a friendly encounter and Riku sitting with his Darkness-addled doppelganger?!

I am looking forward to losing a lot of hours to this game.

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