Bethsesda dropped another bombshell teaser on social media and they call it Starfield.

At this time, Bethesda has revealed no additional details about this franchise, other than it will be their “next-generation single-player epic,” as well as their first new franchise in 25 years.

The clip features a planet in a starscape with its star coming around the edge of it.  The camera pans down to a space station or satellite with sweeping orchestral music.  At the peak of the music, there is a sudden, violent event.  Finally, we see the name of Starfield.

The sudden event could be a singularity or some sort of faster than light travel.

Currently, there are no details about protagonists, story, or even which star system or systems the first Starfield will take place in.



Starfield is the latest announcement from a busy Bethesda Studios.  They also announced that Fallout 76 is a multi-player game set 20 years after the first Fallout game.  Fallout 76 will take place in the setting of West Virginia.

Additionally, it was announced that Prey is getting a Story Mode, Survival Mode and New Game+ feature in a free update.

There is currently also a free trial for Quake Champions that can be downloaded for no cost from their website.  At the time of this story, the Quake site is down.

Also, Bethesda is adding Elder Scrolls: Blades, a first-person role playing game for your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

Bethesda has been working hard and trying to shock the E3 attendees, as well as everyone watching at home.  With all of the announcements dropping today, they have succeeded.

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