Driving into a Hobby

Most psychologists will say that everyone needs a hobby. According to the latest studies, hobbies build confidence in individuals by requiring them to learn a new skill. Hobbyists are able to see the work of their hands, that will inspire them to excel in their jobs and social interactions. More than that, hobbies are fun; but they can be expensive. The creators of VRC Pro know this, and that is why they have made a virtual experience that matches the hobby of RC racing almost perfectly.

Many hobbyists will spend thousands of dollars on a build that will allow them to compete with others. That is not including the entry fees for competitions and the travel time. With all of these expesnses, many would prefer to have the experience closer to home. So, that is where VRC Pro comes in. This game provides a very capable and competitive experience for fans of the sport.

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This game is as authentic to the source material as one can get. Courtesy of VRC Pro

The developers over at Virtual Racing Industries Ltd. were kind enough to give me full access to the content of the game. I started off not knowing anything about the hobby itself, but after playing the game for a time, I began to understand the appeal of the activity. Here is my review for VRC Pro.

An Obscure Diamond in the Rough

Steam is like an overgrown jungle; sometimes you have to cut through the foliage in order to find the treasures. This is the case for VRC Pro. This racing simulator has been on Steam for over 3 years, but it has had relatively no press coverage or public engagement. The reason for this is because the game panders to a very specific group. This title can be enjoyed by everyone, but it is truly appreciated by RC hobbyists.

Surprisingly, this game was designed for that reason. It is sponsored by over 40 different RC hobby companies and parts developers. Along with that, there are over 150,000 registered racers that regularly compete with one another. For those who are into RC racing, this game is a diamond in the rough.

Customization to the Max

Gamers love to customize their avatars. Whatever that avatar may be, whether it is a mighty warrior or a full-metal death machine, everything deserves a special touch. In the case of VRC Pro, customization is not only about looks, but it is also the key to success. Everything can be customized on the player’s RC build. From the body to the wheels, and even the steering components, this game allows players to customize their builds like true hobbyists.

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The customization is on the edge of being actual science. Courtesy of NeoBuggy

The customization ultimately effects how the RC racer will perform. I tried serval different body types to see if it affected how the racer handles. Sure enough, the speed on turns as well as length in jumps is different depending on what components are placed in your racer. When competing with others I noticed that some racers may have had the same body types, but could outperform others because of their build was unique to the course. It takes true knowledge of the actual hobby in order to master the customization process.

Much like driving RC cars themselves, the gameplay takes some practice. The players can choose which view that they want to take went watching the action. They can pick an isometric view, much like one would have when driving an actual RC racer, or they can follow behind their car like in most racers. Either way, the controls match an actual remote control and depending on the build, the car may be more sensitive to the controls than on others.

A Culture of Competition

This game is an official esport. The companies that support this title have also created competitions in which the best VRC Pro players will get cash prizes. As such, those who do play this game regularly are not just casual players, they are on their way to becoming professionals.

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Competition is at the heart of this title. Courtesy of vrc-screen

I was able to play against some randos after I got the controls down on my “Ball of Fire” build (yeah, I named my own build). To be honest, I stood no chance against those I competed against. This is a game that is all about competition, and if you want to keep up with other players, you are going to need to practice a lot!

Many gamers will be put off by this game’s rather specific player base. In fact, that is probably the only negative aspect of this title. Every part of this game stays true to real RC racing, and as such, it can not appeal to everyone. Unfortunately, this game will remain a fun title that will reach only those who love the world of RC.

The Final Verdict

VRC Pro is a really fun game for both hobbyists and fans of the racing genre alike. Despite this game’s obscurity and specific fanbase, it really does have quite a bit to offer to players. The incredible amount of customization alone gives racing fans a chance to build the machine of their dreams for a fraction of the price of an actual build. If anything, this game is worth a try.

With all of that said, I give VRC Pro 8 nitro buggies out of 10. If you are interested in purchasing this game for yourself, you can find it on Steam for $44.99. There are plenty of added options and content that can be purchased for those who are really serious about the craft.

Are you a fan of RC Racing? If so, get your copy of VRC Pro and show off your skills on the track!

DVS Score: 8/10