And This Is Why I Like Indies

Have you ever been playing a video game and had the thought, “man, I know that I have played this before”? Yeah, I have as well. In today’s game market, it is challenging to find gaming experiences that are unlike others on the shelves. Large gaming corporations make what is popular and not necessarily what the developers want to make. Indies, like Pizza Titan Ultra, flip that around on its ear.

Imagine having an idea so outlandish that you can hardly see it becoming a reality unless it is in a video game. For the developers over at Breakfall, they had just that type of idea. What they came up with is truly a unique and fun gaming experience that toes the line of comic genius. The idea of a 10 story tall mech delivering pizza to an odd assortment of celebrities is something that no one would see behind the protective glass of a Walmart display. For indies, however, a game like this is just par for the course. And that my friends, is why I love indies.

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Only in an indie will you find something like this. Courtesy of Youtube

The developers were gracious enough to give me a copy of the game, which I was pleasantly surprised to see wasn’t a diner simulator. Instead what I got was a high octane giant robot experience with a pizza delivering twist.

Here is my review for Pizza Titan Ultra!

Fighting for the Future of Great Pizza

In the year 2096, people are treated to the finest fast food on the planet. The great defender of deliciousness is a 10 story tall mech known as Pizza Titan Ultra. The robot itself has a working pizzeria in its chest and a full staff of unique, 80’s style characters. As the pilot, you must make sure that hot and ready pizza is delivered quickly to the denizens of the city.

Of course, every giant pizza delivery robot has competition. Five years before the events of this game, the pizza tyrant Cheezborg devastated the city with its horrible and disgusting pizza. The mouse-like robot (I see what you did there Breakfall) completely took over the fast-food market, forcing people to eat his terrible product. That was until Pizza Titan Ultra arrived on the scene and delivered the people from their culinary oppression. Cheezborg disappeared after that, but his minions are still around, causing problems for the giant mech. There are even rumors of Cheezborg’s return, but only time will tell if those rumors are true.

Pizza Titan must do what he can to ensure that people get their pizza on time. Courtesy of Breakfall

Diving Into the Crazy

If I were able to describe Pizza Titan Ultra in just a few words I would call it a “beautiful symphony of absurdity.” This game can easily be seen as a cross between Crazy Taxi and Gundam, which sounds nuts just hearing it out loud. The goal of the game is to pilot this giant robot through various stages and complete multiple objectives while delivering pizzas. Each level has a timer in which time can be added to when the player delivers a pizza or runs across a time token. To deliver a pizza, the robot simply walks up to a building and punches a hole in the wall. Boom! Honey, pizza’s here!

If that wasn’t crazy enough, everyone is totally fine with the wanton destruction that this robot creates just as long as they get their pizzas. Pizza Titan can run through subdivisions and housing complexes and no one bats an eye. However, you better not be late with that pizza. Along with that, the pizza patrons are over the top satires of modern-day celebrities. It’s fun to guess who each character is making fun of; like the painter Ross Roberts. He likes Pizza Titan’s “happy little accidents.”

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Hmm, I don’t think I have ever seen this guy before. Courtesy of Steam

Culinary Combat

This game would have been fun just allowing for a giant robot to run through buildings, but the added Cheezbot enemies are a significant plus. Pizza Titan has to complete his missions while taking fire from the military grade tech that Cheezborg hijacked five years prior. Each robot is unique and must be dealt with differently. The units on the ground must be stomped on, while the air units have to be struck from the sky. As the game progresses, the enemies get more complicated and dangerous.

Pizza Titan, however, is not without his upgrades. Different special skills can be unlocked over time to increase the robot’s speed, power, and overall mobility. There is even a garage where the mech can receive a new coat of paint or get new cosmetic parts. There is quite a bit of customization available in this title.

As you can see, the mech is completely customizable. Courtesy of Breakfall

Yeah, But Delivering Pizza Gets Old

So, I have a friend whose job it is to deliver pizza. I told him about this game and he simply said, “Take it from me, delivering pizza gets old.” Unfortunately, he’s right. The main problem with Pizza Titan Ultra is that it is a game that suffers from what I like to call “Robotron Syndrome.” Robotron was a great arcade title in the 80’s that amassed a big following. After a while, however, that following faded. The problem was that the game did not have the highest replay value, because even though it introduced new enemies, it generally played the same level by level. This is the unfortunate problem that Pizza Titan Ultra runs into. Though the story offsets this monotony a little, it is still quite pervasive.

Controlling the robot can be tricky from time to time. The jumping and running are touchy, and when pizzas need to be delivered, I have no time to mess around with finicky controls. The view is isometric, which adds an unneeded degree of difficulty in navigating around obstacles, especially houses. Some missions require you to spare homes, but I have found that it is much easier to destroy them than it is to avoid them.

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It’s fun to punch holes into buildings at first, but then it starts to get old hat. Courtesy of Steam

Final Verdict

I wasn’t sure what to think about Pizza Titan Ultra at first, but after a while, I really warmed up to the title. This game is a deliberately absurd work of genius that allows people to drive a mech and beat the clock. With its own brand of humor, Pizza Titan Ultra is fun and engaging, and it provides a welcome challenge to anyone who is willing to take it on. With a few control issues holding it down, this game can potentially lack replay value, but that is only a minor issue.

So, to deliver this review hot and ready, I give Pizza Titan Ultra 7.5 pepperoni slices out of 10. If you would like to play this game, it can now be downloaded on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. I recommend not staying on the title screen for too long, that theme song can get stuck in your head!

DVS Score: 7.5/10