oh my godheads nintendo switch square enix

Enraging, Ridiculous, and Fun!

When you get to throw exploding pies at your friends, you’re going to have a good time. And when you also get to fight over severed heads of gods that explode, freeze, and shoot lightning? Priceless.

I’m not a PvP person. Competing, relying on teammates, getting bested, it’s not my thing. But Oh My Godheads: Party Edition by Titutitech and Square Enix  on the Switch has everything a party game needs to get me having a good time. It’s a wild capture-the-flag game. From booby trapped maps to the posh penguin playable character, it is a recipe for fun.

First Impressions:

My favorite thing, which isn’t usually my favorite thing about a game, was the music. It has this Indiana Jones-style upbeat adventure tone to it. It gets you hyped up as you wait for the level to load so you can rush into battle with the song of your people in your heart.

The graphics are simple, colorful, and a little goofy, which is great for what the game is. Lighthearted graphics make for a more lighthearted and fun game. This simple style can be bad (Courage’s Curse, Dora is Dead, and the like), but Godheads did it well and it works.

The maps are beautiful and varied. Image courtesy of Steam.

Gameplay was easy enough to pick up. The tutorial missions touched on almost all mechanics of the game. From the types of heads to how to jump attack, they got it all. There are 30 levels and most all of them my friend and I got at least a bronze on the first try. There were maybe 5 levels that required more than one try, adding a reasonable difficulty to the game.

Capture-the-flag is just one game mode. There’s a battle royale mode where you have to defeat all your opponents. A mode where you have to keep the head as long as possible. The tutorials encourage you to get gold stars. So if you get bored, there are many ways to play.

It’s the Little Things:

The premise itself amuses me so much. So we’re fighting over the severed heads of gods. Did we sever their heads? And how is stealing them from each other honoring them? Are they still alive and fighting back? Where is the rest of the god? What is even going on?! But it’s that ridiculous confusion that adds just that much more spice to the game. If we were fighting over just some cursed relics or something it wouldn’t quite be as amusing.

In fact, the interesting twist on capture the flag is probably what makes the game so much fun. It’s one thing to be stealing a “flag” from your friends, but quite another when the flag is also trying to kill you or stop you. My favorite head is Kali, who either slows everyone down or speeds them up. There are heads that explode, reverse your controls, freeze everyone in the near vicinity, turn you invisible, make smoke clouds, and more. There is a nice variety of heads right now, but I’d love to see some more added in the future.

Something I really enjoyed the “little things” department was that there is an option in the game to look at gallery art and bios. These goofy little characters you play as have back stories. Who knew? The posh penguin is trying to use godheads to make him and his master rich. The skeleton is cursed to be a skeleton and isn’t actually dead. There’s a scientist that is trying to prove godheads are fake. In a game with basically no story, these bios were a delight, splashing just a little more color on our motivations.

The characters are tiny and it can mess with depth perception. Image courtesy of Steam.

Is There Room for Improvement?

I do have some qualms with the game. Most of the time the camera is so zoomed out you can’t see your character, so what’s the point in choosing one? It makes everything else seem so tiny, too and can mess with your depth perception. Many a time I passed a hair’s length from a godhead and ran past it instead of picking it up. The camera will occasionally zoom in if all characters are close together. Unfortunately, I don’t see much of a fix for this just because of the nature of a top-down capture-the-flag game.

When you get knocked down, your opponent just stands above your body swinging their weapon until you get up, then they kill you. You have no time at all to try and strike back or get away. Getting knocked down is a guaranteed death sentence. It could be a strategy but seems more like abusing a bug. Getting a half a second of immunity would help here.

But then again, dying isn’t exactly a punishment. Your spawn is usually just a hop away from your opponent’s goal. The spawn time is just a couple seconds, which gives you enough time to block your opponent from reaching their alter. The quick respawn does help keep the game a “Whelp, I’m a shooting star now” rage instead of a “You killed my father, prepare to die” rage. I really don’t see any fixing it either, it’s fair, albeit frustrating.

Oh My Godheads is Great at a Party

In conclusion, I really liked this game and would recommend it. Will I play it by myself? Probably not. It does have AI you can play against but they don’t learn that every time you come at them you’ll jump attack and kill them. A real person would adapt. Godheads is a game to play with friends, and if you have a Switch around for party games, then put Oh My Godheads on your list and let the shenanigans begin.