Avengers Endgame poster
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*Spoilers ahead (duh)*

The Epic Conclusion Over 20 Movies in the Making

After Avengers: Infinity War, there was a lot to take in. Our heroes lost the battle, plunging the entire universe into a tragedy unlike any they’d ever seen. Half of the living population gone with just a snap.

How could they possibly recover from that? Was getting back their lost friends and families even possible? How do you fight a guy with the power of the Big Bang in his arsenal?

“We’re in the Endgame now.” – Dr. Strange.

First Impressions – the Story

The most jarring part of Avengers: Endgame was how wrecked the surviving team was. Black Widow buried herself in work to avoid the guilt. Hawkeye went on a murdering vigilante spree after losing his entire family. And most profound (and hilarious) of all, Thor let himself go and drowned himself in booze and beer belly. They all seem to be suffering from devastating cases of PTSD. Maybe “the vanished” had it better off.

When given the chance to find Thanos, the crew flies off without a plan to a distant planet, only to find the great Titan injured. They kill him easily. This is all within the first 20 minutes or so of the movie. Badguy defeated, now what?

Hulk battles Thanos. Image courtesy of Marvel.

As much as I enjoy a good time travel movie, I have to say I’m very disappointed with the way it was handled in Endgame. They contradict themselves on what they can and cannot do and go against common notions of the laws of time travel. But that’s an argument for another article.

Despite the flawed time travel science, the story of Endgame was bold, exciting, and left me feeling satisfied. The characters continued to grow and learn and develop. Comic relief was sprinkled nicely throughout the story while still retaining the tension of battle. The stakes were high and the heroes triumphed. We lost some favorites along the way, but when looking at the death rate of some stories, we came out pretty lucky.

The Graphics and Sound

It really goes without saying that the movie was beautiful. We’ve come a long way from Iron Man in regards to graphics. With photo-realistic graphics in the upcoming Lion King remake, CGI is the best it’s ever been.

Costume design on point. Image courtesy of Marvel.

The action sequences were well choreographed and rendered. Every character had ample screen time. The scene at the climax where everyone that was lost returns thanks to Dr. Strange’s portals was a masterpiece. I enjoyed the beautiful end credits showcasing the original six Avengers and their signatures. The music was epic and blended nicely with each scene. One of the best heavily CGI films to date!

Where Does the MCU Go From Here?

There were significant changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Endgame. Captain America is (literally) retired and passed the shield onto his buddy, Falcon. Multiple other heroes are all dead and can’t be brought back. This all cuts out a lot of our heroes from the picture. Are the remaining heroes enough to keep the world safe?

Not to mention all the chaos that our heroes inflicted while they were in the past. The movie tries to play all that off a “not my problem” but it’s sure going to be a problem for the poor victims of alternate timelines. Who knows if we’ll ever see how that all plays out.

Honor the Fallen

Let’s take a moment to appreciate and mourn the characters who did not survive the battle for the Infinity Stones. These characters could not be revived, whether it was due to sacrificing themselves for the stones or dying directly at the hands of them.

Tony Stark, the human who used the Infinity Stones.
Vision, the robot with a heart.
Natalia Romanova, the unexpected heroine.
Gamora, the woman who was loved.

And of course, a special honor to Loki, Heimdall, and all the other valiant soldiers who died to Thanos’s war.

DVS Score: 9/10

Stay tuned for how Avengers: Endgame ruined time travel!

What did you think of Avengers: Endgame? Did you get to see it before someone spoiled it? (I wasn’t so lucky).