Knight Squad
Knight Squad

Knight Squad – Pick a Knight!

These aren’t the Knights of The Round Table, nor the Knights who say Ni! Knight Squad shows eleven brilliantly colored knights, presented before you for your own choosing. Each knight has a unique title, along with a befitting animation and catchphrase. Savior, the blue knight, kneels before beams of heavenly light, his sword skyward and shimmering. Solo, in his purple glory, head bangs and shreds on his razor-sharp Martin DreadKnight. And it wouldn’t be a 21st century game without a selfie reference. Consequently, we are subjected to Selfie, our Knight in shining Armani, posing ever so eloquently for the camera. #nofilter

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Each knight has its own personality or lack thereof. Courtesy of GameGator

Mode, Map, and Medium Please!

Considering that I’m writing a review, and don’t have six months to conquer the game on EXTREME, I’ll be playing on the medium difficulty. Knight Squad offers an astonishing thirteen modes including, but not limited to, Capture The Flag, Last Man Standing, Team Death-match, Juggernaut, and Soul Hunter. A few modes have time limits, while others give you the option to choose a desired number of rounds. Time limits range from thirty seconds to five minutes, and a wide variety of maps are included as well.

Capture The Flag

Knight Squad is an aerial view, 1 to 8 player, arcade-style game, and will run you $14.99 in the Microsoft Store. Displayed on the screen is an overhead, maze-like arena. Four spawn points accompany the corners of the arena, two for each team; Red and Blue. I direct my chosen knight, Savior, towards the nearest power-up/weapon change. Weapons include a bow and arrows, extensions for your default sword, and a deadly auger. Next, I attempt a flanking maneuver, being as inconspicuous, deadly, and chivalrous as possible. Almost immediately a hoard of skeleton minions encircles me, just before executing me on site. To make another attempt at the enemy flag would be suicidal given the existing conditions. Fortunately, re-spawns are endless in Capture The Flag.

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The top-down view allows you to see the playing field and leaves little to chance. Courtesy of Geek Hobbies

Flag Captured?

However, my courage couldn’t be denied. Three extensions later, I’m maxed out on sword power. Finding a shield is now my priority, when a potentially fatal error occurs, with sixty seconds remaining of the fleeting five original minutes. In my efforts to obtain a shield I mistakenly picked up a bow, rendering my incredibly long sword pointless, and nonexistent. The clock ticks away to zero, and I’m left with nothing to show.
Red Team – 0
Blue Team – 0

Last Man Standing

An all-out battle to the death, leaving one remaining combatant at rounds end. Up to eighty possible rounds of epic cartoon carnage, resulting in one ultimate champion. Victory is achieved by winning ten rounds at the maximum, or one at the minimum if you’re a knight in a hurry.

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Even knights enjoy a little game of soccer! Courtesy of Youtube


SOUL HUNTER just feels like it should be bold, italicized, and underlined! Once you slay your enemy, their essence transcends, revealing itself to you as a glowing orb, in your own knight’s colors. You now own your enemies soul and must herd it back to your spawn point, where no closure is given as to where these souls end up. I am now terribly distraught, existentially speaking.

Thank you, Good Knight!

To sum it all up, I highly recommend Knight Squad. Unfortunately, only eight players can play, slightly limiting big parties. Regardless, Knight Squad brings a lot to the table, especially for a $15 arcade game. Once again, you can pick up Knight Squad (Link to Knight Squad in MS store) for the low price of $14.99!

Check out the official Knight Squad website!

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DVS Score: 7/10