Capcom Has Pulled Their Devil Trigger.

Capcom has started 2019 off with a big bang. Releasing games like Resident Evil 2, and now Devil May Cry 5 in the first quarter of the year. This has easily made them the champions of the year so far. Right out of the gate, Devil May Cry 5 presents itself as an adrenaline-fueled hardcore action game. The game opens up with a fantastic bang and gets bigger as it progresses. It is honestly the best in the series so far.

Smoking, Sexy, and Stylish Gameplay.

Devil May Cry 5 is 2019’s first big action game that allows for not one, but three playable characters, each with their own style. The first character you control is DMC 4 hero, Nero. His playstyle involves the standard sword and gun techniques commonly known throughout the franchise. However, his true power lies in his devil breaker arms. These are powerful, mechanical arms forged by his friend Nico to kick demon ass. Such arms include a drill used for breaking armor. And there is my personal favorite, the super sexy overture that shoots lightning in a large area. The only downside is that you can’t switch between devil breakers without sacrificing the one you have currently equipped.

DMC Nero Combat

The second character you take command of is the newcomer to the franchise, V. Instead of getting close and personal with his enemies, V takes it upon himself to summon demons from afar to do his bidding. These demons range from a black panther designed for melee combat to a giant rock golem that you can ride into battle. While his gameplay may feel a bit strange at first, it eventually feels like you’re playing a long-range mage or summoner in an action-RPG game.

DMC 5 combat showcase

The last character you take control of is the longtime DMC hero Dante. The half-demon devil killer makes a massive comeback with both new and old weapons. Out of all the characters, Dante seems to be the most versatile. During gameplay, you are able to switch between different styles of combat. These can range from a defensive stance to gunslinging stance which boosts long-range damage. Switching between these during combat can give you an edge in obtaining different combos. And speaking of combos.

Crazy Combos.

Over the course of the game, each character can unlock certain abilities by collecting red orbs scattered throughout the levels. These orbs can be spent on new moves for each character. If you die, you can use them to resurrect in combat with a little health. At first, some of these moves can seem a bit difficult to pull off. First-time players will begin with simple button mashing, but as time goes on, they will learn that the best way to get those SSS combo rankings is to memorize the combos themselves. Trust me guys, you’ll get good, but even I haven’t mastered it yet.

Savage Graphics and Sick Skill Sounds.

This title runs off the RE engine that powered the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake. The game boasts a surprisingly good collection of graphics. While the color palette seems a bit grey and red at times, the game displays the demonic destruction at a fine level of detail. That really gives off that apocalyptic feeling. The demon strongholds are even better. With the RE7’s blood effects, it really adds a ton of gore and evil to the world.  But you can’t fight demons without heavy metal music banging throughout your eardrums.

Devil May Cry 5’s soundtrack is an explosive mix of punk and heavy metal, with the song, Devil Trigger, really getting you into the mood of the game. Each character has their own unique soundtrack of rock and roll that adheres to their own unique style. So far in 2019, no other game has had a better soundtrack.

Badass Enemies

At the start of the game, the player is thrown against the standard “level one enemies” that go down in a few hits. But as the game progresses, the player will need to make use of the different styles and devil breakers in order to take down flying enemies and even armored ones. Boss fights are a whole different story, especially on higher difficulties. They feel more like Dark Souls bosses, requiring memorization, and careful planning in order to take down. There were times when I had to stop my combos and think about what each boss was going to do next. My advice is to never forget to use your brain every now and then.

DMC5 Urizen boss

Apocalyptic charm.

If there’s one thing DMC 5 did right beside the gameplay, it is how each of the characters feels unique and stylish in their own way. Nero spends the game spouting epic one-liners towards his foes while taking them head-on with nothing but a sword, a gun, and a collection of badass arms at his disposal. Dante and V act more collected throughout the game, but still have their moments in the “cool factory”, especially when it comes to the boss fights. As for the game’s tone, well, that’s defined right off the bat with Nero and Nico, driving through demons, shooting and burning them in an opening credit sequence that’s somewhat like the first Deadpool movie. The game is a hardcore action game with an edgy kickass tone designed to get your blood pumping.

Not Dismal in Any Way

At the end of the day, Devil May Cry 5 is a fantastic game, easily worthy of a couple of awards at this year’s VGAs. The charm of the characters, the fantastic gameplay, and the Sensational sounds make a Stylish game worthy of the Devil May Cry franchise. My advice to you is to go out and buy a copy. You’ll have one hell of time slashing, shooting, or breaking demons left and right. And hey, if you’ve thought about getting into the franchise, well, now is a perfect time. The game allows you to recap the story so far, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost in the chaos.

DVS Score: 9.3/10