Dr Disrespect
Suspended from and E3


Dr. Disrespect is one of the first and biggest stars of Twitch streams. He has bold, brassy videos that garner a lot of attention. Meanwhile, his mullet wig and cheesy sunglasses are a signature look recognizable throughout the blogosphere. However, Twitch has suspended the controversial streamer. Additionally, E3 has banned him from the convention.

Dr. Disrespect, real name Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, did his first live stream from the floor of E3. While he isn’t the first person to do a live stream from the floor and Beahm was his usual antagonistic self from the floor. However, the stream went far into questionable territory when Dr. Disrespect went into the men’s restroom at E3 and the camera followed him inside. Dr. Disrespect did not break stride and continued his live show. Unfortunately, this was not the only time Beahm did this, because watchers of his stream saw four different visits to the men’s room in that stream.

Dr Disrespect E3
One of Dr. Disrespect’s visits to an E3 bathroom

Those videos put Dr. Disrespect in conflict with California laws against invasion of privacy, making it illegal to view the inside of a bathroom with a camera.

Additionally, Twitch also has rules against invasion of privacy in their community guidelines, stating, “sharing content that violates another’s reasonable expectation of privacy, for example streaming from a private space, without permission.” That can certainly include someone’s personal time in a restroom. Twitch community guidelines further state, “Violating our policy against harassment will result in your account being suspended. Depending on the severity of the offense, harassers may be indefinitely suspended on the first violation.”


Currently, Dr. Disrespect is suspended from Twitch with no date of return set. As we previously mentioned, E3 has also pulled his credentials and banned him from the convention.

His banishment from both Twitch and E3 has divided fan opinion. Some believe that Dr. Direspect did overstep bounds and deserves the suspension. Others do not see anything wrong with his activities and want him reinstated immediately.

Dr. Disrespect’s banishment from E3 has other streamers scrambling to take his place. Another streamer, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar, believes his channel is now getting more traffic due to Dr. Disrespect’s unavailability. Beahm posted a recent tweet wherein he says he has fired his video director, Alex.

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