Doom Concept art

The Godfather of Shooters has Returned With a Bang.

At this year’s QuakeCon, ID Software finally reveled the sequel to 2016’s Doom. Developers showed off a collection of gameplay and certain story details concerning Doom. Which, consisting of fast gameplay that acted as if you had nightcored the original doom, added a dozen new bells and whistles to the mix. Also revealed was the plan to add a more story focused element to the franchise. With developers stating that they wished to create more lore for the franchise. Or as they stated, create a Doom Universe.

Get Ready to Fight like Hell in Hell on Earth.

The showcase started off as one would expect. The developers showed off the new locals and mechanics that would use to traverse the hellish environment. Weapons such as the new meat-hook -which acts as a sort of grappling hook on enemies, and a new flamethrower sub-weapon, were shown off in a variety of ways that can make or break a situation. The showcase then shifted to a demo that utilized all these weapons on a certain map, which showed how fast gameplay can actually get to. Grappling, shotgunning and rocket-jumping around the map while hordes of demons fall at your feet.

An Actual Story this Time that Doesn’t Involve any Pet Rabbits.

Halfway through the Showcase. The developers revealed themselves as massive lore fanatics and expressed their desire to create a universe for players to uncover and explore with the Doom franchise. Stating their wish to take players to new locations never before seen in Doom while giving us a possible backstory. A brand new location was shown off to go with the announcement, that explained what the developers were talking about. And not only that, but a type of cut-scene was also revealed. Showcasing how Doomguy would interact with humans, shedding some light on his almost nonexistent character.

‘A Dark Souls’ Like Twist.

The final revealed came as a bit of a surprise. The developers stated players will have the option to take control of a certain demon, and invade another players game. Similar to how the multiplayer works for From Software’s Dark Souls franchise. Not much gameplay was revealed as to how the feature will work out. With only the beginning of an invasion being shown to the public.

A Fast-Paced Game with a Hardcore Reveal.

ID Software hardly held anything back with the reveal. As they showed new and exciting ways to kill demons in a Hell infested Earth, powered by ID’s brand new ID tech 7 engine. The engine was shown to maintain a similar art style to the first Doom while adding new graphical enhancements to both the environment and enemies. Oh and speaking of enemies, about a dozen of them are brand new with some being variations of old demons, while some are entirely brand new. Thought I should mention that.

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