Elvine was released on bond early Wednesday morning.

World of Warcraft personality Elvine was arrested with 21 others for running a child sex ring during Super Bowl weekend. However, according to DeKalb County (Georgia) records and community members familiar with the streamer, Elvine (real name Thomas Cheung) was released early Wednesday morning on bond.

Twitch suspended Elvine’s account upon his arrest. This came almost immediately after HiRez Studios announced that he was no longer working for the company. One community member, who wished to remain anonymous, sent us a screenshot of a private message she had with the streamer. This exchange confirms that he at least has access to a cell phone.

Elvine released

Some people might ask how he got out so quickly. It may be due to the fact that he has no prior criminal record. However, with allegations from various individuals in the World of Warcraft community mounting against the disgraced World of Warcraft and Twitch streamer, there could be more than just legal consequences coming his way.

The screenshot proves that he has legal representation. According to local news, Cheung is due back in court on February 14, 2019. It may be a while until we know the final results of the investigation and trial. Some World of Warcraft groups on Facebook had suppressed discussion of the incident. However, we feel that we should raise awareness of this situation. Nobody should be the victim of sexual harassment.

People are raising awareness in the World of Warcraft community about online predators.

As a result of Elvine’s arrest, several community members have talked about protecting their children from online predators. Many people who play World of Warcraft have been doing so for many years (the game itself will be 15 years old in November). This means that many people who played the game when they were kids now have kids of their own who want to play online games. Parents, are you allowing your kids to play online games? Let us know in the comments below!