image of a sim looking for an audition
Sim looking for audition on the phone

The Sims is a life simulation game made to simulation real life.

Today I discuss some of the different things you can do in The Sims. We will start with my favorite thing to do, murder them! Yes, I love killing and torturing these little sims who I control. The usage of such mods like Extreme Violence or Sim Torments makes the torture and murders more fun. I even bought a game pack in the past because it offered a new death.
image of the sims 4 murder mod
Murder Mod
With some expansions or game packs, even a stuff pack, there are new and interesting ways to kill off your sims. If you have a hard day at work or school then you can always come home & murder those little guys on your computer screen! Trust me, it is so therapeutic to sit there and watch your sims die gruesome horrible deaths that you plan.
You can do Sim challenges. Simmers create challenges for other players to do. You have a wide range of challenges available to you as well. A couple of the most popular ones are the Bachelor Challenge or the 100 Baby Challenge. You can even find videos or live streams of these challenges as well. I am currently working on the 100 vampire challenge. 
image of the rules for the 100 vampire challenge in the sims 4
100 Vampire Challenge

Sim Creation

Creating Sims is one of the many things you can do in this game. There is an entire YouTube community who do whats called CAS videos. The purpose of CAS videos is to simply create Sims. Some people love to sit there and create them; I could sit there creating sims forever. The best part of starting any new world or family is creating the sim to go with it. 
You may also build homes. My husband only plays the game to do this. He will usually build the homes that others request. If he needs expansion or something else that he does not have, we usually buy it for him. He’s even used my account and uploaded to my gallery instead. Since he only builds homes, we haven’t worked on completing his collection.  
imagve of a home in the sims 4
Home in The Sims 4

Party Time

In The Simsyou even have a wide range of parties that you can throw. They even included some with expansions such as Get Famous. You can even find mods that give you different kinds of parties you may throw as well. If all you are doing is throwing parties, then you might get bored after you run out of all the kinds of parties you do. 
The game also gives aspirations, and this is one of my favorite things to focus on. I love doing all the aspirations in the game. While yet, I have not done all the Get Famous aspirations that were added. This can tend to keep someone busy for a while. To get through all the aspirations it took me over a year, and that was playing only The Sims.
image of a sim and her aspiration
Aspiration in The Sims 4
There are some secret worlds you can even explore. The best part is you only have to explore them once. After that, any sim you have in that world may continue to go back to explore those places. One of them, Sylvan Glades, is actually my favorite. It reminds me of a place you might see mermaids or unicorns, even though they don’t exist in the game (yet). 

So Much More than Meets the Eye

There is so much more you can do in The Sims. It is more than controlling a little person that you command. What is your favorite thing to do in The Sims? How do you play the game? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!