Diablo 4

According to reports from Kotaku, Blizzard elected to scrap their Diablo 4 teaser right before Blizzcon.

Reportedly two sources familiar with the situation have claimed that the original plan was to announce Diablo: Immortal before ending with a Diablo 4 teaser. In this tease was said to be Allen Adham was set to inform the audience that Diablo 4 was in development, however, was not quite ready to be shown off.

As you may know, Diablo: Immortal is the mobile only title they announced at Blizzcon to some peoples dismay. Also, the aforementioned sources said that due to the drastic changes that the game has undergone through 4 years of development, the team was not ready to commit to the announcement with more changes likely looming.

 Predictably, despite Blizzards attempts to quell the excitement of fans of the game, people left feeling dismayed by the announcement of only a mobile title.

Whether or not that dismay is unfounded, we wont know until Immortal’s release. The backlash of this announcement seems unwarranted in the eyes of Blizzard. While expecting some unfortunate reactions, the level of loathing reached points they were not ready for.

Kotaku reached out to Blizzard for comment. As of the writing of this article, no comment has been made. Some people were hoping for any kind of statement. They felt atonement was due for what they had thought was a misleading build up to the presentation. This of course was not Blizzards intention.

Some also feel that Blizzard missed an opportunity for a highlight presentation similar to Bethesda at E3. They went with a mobile game followed with teasers for 2 titles loved by fans. All in all, we won’t know if the reaction was just impulsive or warranted until much later. We do know that when Diablo 4 does come people will be waiting with great fervor. What are your feelings on the announcement? Let us know in the comments below.