A new Devil May Cry?

Though Most being rumors, we might actually be getting a new Devil May Cry game. Were expecting an announcement during E3. Though we don’t know much of new Dmc Installment by Capcom.
Except that Capcom is rumored to be working on a new Devil May Cry title for modern systems. A few more rumors, leaks and remasters of DmC and Devil May Cry 4. As well as a few more remasters coming soon.
The details of its existence was fast revealed at November of last year when it first leaked was on the ResetEra forum. All about the returning characters, the possible 2019 release date and the gameplay aspects. Also a voice actor for the game confirming its existence and production. Sharing a picture on Facebook with the words “motion caption” and “E3”.
Now it seems that Devil may cry 5 is a definite. As a listing was found for Xbox One and PS4 versions of the title. Though nothing else about the game is on the listing. 
Not only that, but now it appears that Capcom has registered a domain for Devil May Cry 5. The company registered the domain on may 18th and updated June 1st. Though its just a domain, it gives us more reason to think a reveal is on its way.
So it seems that Capcom is struggling to preserve any of their possible E3 reveals this time around. 
But new discoveries suggest a an announcement at E3 at the very least. Which is understandable, as DMC is one of the most known and profitable games of Capcom. So revealing a new installment of the franchise this E3 would not be a surprise especially with a lot of fans anticipating it.
What do you think about all this do you think we might see A devil may cry 5 announcement at E3? let us know in the comments below.