Death Stranding Screen Capture from 2018 E3 Sony Press Conference

Earlier than we Thought?

With rumors surrounding a possible showcase for Death Stranding at the game awards, it appears that a leak has taken place just about a week before the game awards. Not a lot is known about Death Stranding, other then it’s PS4 exclusivity. Yet, a recent leak from Walmart Canada’s website seems to suggest a shipping date of June 30th 2019.

Leaks and Tweets.

According to a tweet from Geoff Keighley listed below, he discussed the lineup of game that are to be shown at the awards. With a reference to the Walmart leak mentioned within, which could be a possible confirmation that Kojima Productions new game will be shown in some form at the event. Keep in mind however that this could all be a simple error on Walmart’s part. The supposed release date falls on a Sunday, which has never been a traditional day to release a new game. But, knowing Hideo Kojima, it’s always wise to expect the unexpected.

Deja Vu

This wouldn’t be the first time that Walmart has been responsible for a leak regarding video games. Earlier this year, a leak in the company revealed a slew of new titles that no one had ever heard of before. Including Bethesda’s own Rage 2 which at the time of the leak, hadn’t even been announced yet. While it’s not wise to trust any info leak regardless of where it came from. It is nice to hope. Hope that the highly anticipated Death Stranding headed by the best of the best, will see the light of day sooner than we all anticipated. Walmart has since stated that the date is currently a placeholder. But why would the company choose such a specific date for a release. Could it be that Walmart knows more than their letting on?

Perhaps the game could see a holiday release of 2019 or perhaps during the summer period. What your input on this leak? Let us know in the comments below.