DBM special warning

Only One Developer Maintains the Most Popular Addon in World of Warcraft.

And the stress has been wearing on him. Developer, MysticalOS, wrote recently: “I’m going to be real here. I don’t just work on DBM full time. It’s all I do period. I have no life, no friends, no time to really do anything else at all. It’s not just coding mods here or getting to play the game for money.”

Since the Burning Crusade, this lone developer has made raiding easier with his popular addon. It is so popular an addon, one may think he has had financial success. However, he goes on to state, “You cannot understand the amount of hours and commitment, all while barely making 1300 (most months)-1450(early expansion) a month. I’ve wished since I launched Patreon that I’d hit higher goals and be able to bring on help. Expand so I didn’t have to do this all alone. Sadly, that just never happened.”

The shame he feels for asking for money had stopped him from asking for help for years. The lone developer could not bear to ask for a loan. So, for years, his PC has fallen into disrepair. It cannot run the fights he needs to test. His guild has started to sideline him, as he is not a reliable raider anymore.

He could no longer soldier through poverty. He did not want to give up, and still does not. As he vents of the long hours and stress of his job for meager pennies, he says he does not want to quit. He cannot.


MysticalOS does not have one mouth to feed. His mother is 70 and has had two heart attack scares within the year. He cannot quit his job and be away from her.

“The second reason I can’t give up is that I just love working on DBM too much and I firmly believe that as long as there is a WoW, there should be a DBM.”

However, working on DBM as a sole developer is taxing. MysticalOS cannot afford medical insurance. He has had an abscess tooth since Warlords of Draenor. Moreover, he has been using fish antibiotics to treat the infection.


Fish antibiotics are unregulated by the FDA. No human with a product as extensively used as Deadly Boss Mods should be using them. When he cannot afford a new computer, the baseline tool of his trade, the tradesmen can no longer be neglected.

Moreover, MysticalOS is no beggar. Some will say his story is a plea for pennies, for money. Of course he needs money, yet that does not make him a beggar. If anything, the hundreds of millions of users for the addon should be begging him to continue.

Luckily, we do not have to. Though stepping down from raiding to focus on his health, MysticalOS will still be updating the addon. He just needs help. Already, Deadly Boss Mods’ patreon page has tripled.

Here is a statement, just after his patreon count doubled:

“You, the community, are the main reason I worked on DBM all this time. That and being available to be an at-home caregiver. You make that all possible.
I never in a million years would have expected all this support after writing that post last night on forums. Yesterday I was overwhelmed in a bad way. Today I’m overwhelmed in a good way.

I can’t wait until mother gets home from church and I can finally tell her I have to shave my beard off (she hates it, I love it, but if I’m going to get surgery in mouth/jaw, then it has to go) 

Just know, There are many ways to support DBM and I’ll never beg for money and certainly don’t want anyone to put themselves out on my account. Please don’t overextend, take care of yourselves too, and I promise, with all this new support, I’ll finally take care of myself as well.”