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Stranger Things Lovers, Check Out the New Horde “Dart” Battle Pet!

Dart can be yours if you have time for a quest chain! Do you love the show Stranger Things? Did you always want your own young Demogorgon? Well, you are in luck! That is, you’re in luck if you’re Horde! In Battle for Azeroth, Horde players will get a chance to complete a quest to get their very own Dart battle pet!

While Blizzard hasn’t plainly stated that this is the same “Dart” from the show, he bears a striking resemblance. Therefore, it seems a safe conclusion that the developers do watch the show. In order to capture Dart for your very own, you need to complete the quest chain “It Seems You’ve Made a Friend.” This quest is from the zone Nazmir. You will need to seek out the NPC Krag’wa in order to start this chain. According to Wowhead, the quest begins, “Dis young one has bonded with you. Bring him to Krag’wa. See if dere is anything to be done to heal him of de corruption.”

Battle Pet Dart
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As a result of completing this quest, you will be rewarded with this adorable little bundle of monster. The flavor text from him directly from BFA Beta reads, “This young crawgling was rescued from a vicious blood troll war camp. With care, and lots of feeding, you earned his trust and Krag’wa asked you to take care of him always.”

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The battle pet will make a great addition to pet battle enthusiasts.

Dart’s abilities include rip at levelĀ one, devour at level two, consume at level four, horn gore at level ten, mighty charge at level fifteen, and consume corpse at level twenty. He is classified as a “beast” and looks ready to deal out some pet battle damage!

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Do you love Stranger Things? Are you excited to have your own pet Dart? What do you think of this being currently available to Horde players only? Let us know in the comments!