Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) was one of the first popular games to combine video games and exercise.

20 years ago, DDR came out in Japan and became a cultural phenomenon. It was also one of Konami’s biggest hits and spread throughout the world. Players would hit arrows in rhythm with the song. The game inspired several variations. There is a free-to-play PC version, StepMania, as well as a browser-based Flash game called Flash Flash Revolution (FFR). Other dance games have since hit the market, such as the Just Dance series of games.

Dance Dance Revolution gameplay

Norway designated DDR as a sport in 2004, and it has even made its way into schools as part of physical education requirements. The game also tracked how much calories you have burned during playing. Some players have reported weight loss as high as 150 pounds.

The DDR movie is the brainchild of recently-launched Stampede Ventures. While Konami still owns the rights to the game, founder Greg Silverman (who worked at Warner Bros. Pictures and worked on films such as The Matrix, 300, Inception, and The Hangover) said that the movie will focus on an apocalyptic world on the brink of destruction. The only way to unite this world is through dance. Stampede plans to partner with not only Konami but with producers J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum of Branded Pictures Entertainment for the movie. Harris was a co-producer of the 2001 horror film Jeepers Creepers.

No actors or actresses have been linked with the DDR film yet.

No actors have been linked with the project yet, but Cara Fano (who was on the post-production team for the Matthew McConaughey’s Gold) was promoted to director of development for Stampede Ventures, which means she will oversee the development of the film. “I am incredibly grateful to have Cara by my side as we launch Stampede. Not only is she one of the most voracious readers I’ve known in my career, but she also has razor-sharp instincts when it comes to story and characters and is helping us identify the next generation of genre writers who can build franchises,” Silverman said.

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