Former Dallas Fuel Overwatch Pro xQc is suspended again. He’s been put on the bench due to ‘abusive’ language toward other players.

xQc’s Overwatch Season:


Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is again suspended from Overwatch. The former Fuel pro was suspended twice during the Overwatch League Season. The first offense was a slur used against Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmont after a loss to the Houston Outlaws. The second violation occurred while using a ‘racially disparaging’ emote while reporter Malik Forte -a black reporter- was on screen. The Dallas Fuel dropped him without hestiation at this point from their roster.

Now, xQc received a 15-day suspension for persistent use of ‘abusive language.’ This suspension will lift before the start of the Overwatch World Cup. However, tournament regulations dictate a players account must be ‘in good standing’ to participate. Nobody is certain if this will impact his ability to take part in the Overwatch World Cup. xQc, while on stream, is reported to have said he didn’t expect to play. Later that day, however, Team Canada’s coach commented on his player standing: xQc would still play.

xQc’s Response on Twitter:

xQc, on Twitter, reported the following:

‘It was never my intention to harass or use in-game chat in an abusive manner.’

He claims in this tweet that much of his ‘alleged abuse’ was simply team banter. The mates on my eSports academy team trash talk all the time. However, a limit is established with how much our coaches will tolerate. We -like many teams – have a vital mic and quiet mic policy: only speak when vital. Every eSports player knows the penalties can be heavy for this violation. xQc’s already experienced some hefty cash fines, suspensions, and dropped from the Fuel.

As to whether he’ll be playing in the Overwatch World Cup remains to be seen. How do you feel about the recent suspension? Do you feel pro-players take advantage of their notoriety to push the boundaries of acceptable behaviour? Let us know your thoughts -and raise a few sobbing Pepe’s – in the comments!