If you’re a person who loves solving puzzles, this may be something for you. A group on Reddit seems to have discovered an augmented reality game (ARG) in the form of a puzzle, pieces of which they claim can be found in the following games: Crypt of the NecroDancer, The Magic Circle, Mini Metro, Kingdom of Loathing, Legend of Dungeon, Neon Struct, Flickers, Mos Speedrun 2 and Sokobond. Each of these games seem to be linked by a file called eye.jpg.

An example of eye.jpg

So far, the eye.jpg image is accompanied by a puzzle to get a new image.

It is all thanks to MachMatic who has been compiling all the known information that has been shared so far. He’s shared it with everyone in his reddit  post: Possible ARG discovered involving multiple Steam games [xpost /r/games]. The title says “Steam games” because the only games that were on steam had been found to have the eye.jpg. This may have slowed the progress of finding  the  puzzle pieces as people were looking at too narrow of a scope for these games.  This just goes to show that when you are looking into things, you should  toss  your net as wide as possible.

  • Crypt of the NecroDancer – Around May 29th, 2015, a file called eye.jpg was added to Crypt of the NecroDancer directory. By using a hex-editing application, Puzzle Piece #1 was found inside of the file. This image seems to be a circular puzzle piece.
  • The Magic Circle – Tambox discovered an “eye” in The Magic Circle and provided this image and video. On July 15th, Puzzle Piece #4 was found and discussed here, but was only connected to this ARG recently.
  • Mini Metro – Around February 13th 2015, a secret map was added and could be accessed by following these instructions to find and click an “eye”. An email sent to the developer confirms that there is a puzzle and a solution. The secret map has stations shaped like the “eye”, and the puzzle seems to revolve around recreating the “eye’s shape by drawing lines. The progress for the puzzle is here, but was solved to reveal Puzzle Piece #2. Pentamerous has provided a video tutorial to reveal the piece. You can find it on Youtube.
  • Kingdom of Loathing – This is a non-Steam web game. The eye-sigil was found looked like this.  It  dates back to October 2014.  so far no puzzle piece has been found yet.
  • Legend of Dungeon – By clicking on a dwarf in the Options menu that causes a version of the eye-sigil to pop up . Datamining led to Puzzle Piece #3. Portalcrafter found the puzzle piece in-game.
  • Neon Struct – The eye was found on Stranger’s shirt in-game. Puzzle Piece #5 was first revealed through data-mining, it might also be shown in conversations in-game. This has yet to be confirmed.
  • Flickers – This is a free to play non-Steam game that can be downloaded here. The sigil can be seen on a tree in the background here. Puzzle Piece #7 was initially found by crauss and anonon by modding the map file Isolated led to the finding of the  puzzle piece. A more legitimate method of finding the piece is to speedrun from the checkpoint perfectly using the strategy that is shown in this image and this video.
  • Mos Speedrun 2 –  The sigil was found on a wall. The  Puzzle piece  was not found as one complete peace, but in separate parts during a part with “glitchy” tiles. Using Tom’s save file, JSHC found Puzzle Piece #6 by falling down between the two gray blocks in level 3-3 and going down and left.
  • Sokobond – AmitaiGaunt found the sigil and Puzzle Piece #8 about half a year ago, but only found out about the ARG recently. Whenever you solve a level with a solution involving hydrogen molecules the sigil appears with a count of how many  solutions you have made. Upon achieving twelve solutions the puzzle piece appears.

You can find all of the solved pieces here.

This image shows what the found pieces look like when assembled. Looking at this it appears that there are at least four missing parts. There could also be more, as no one knows how intricate the final picture is meant to be.

This could just be a bunch of people with a lot of time on their hands trying to find similarities. Even though each game was made by different companies, maybe these games have one or more developers in common. Some think that when the game is completed it will create a map to something undiscovered, while others say this might all just be one big coincidence. Who is to say what the meaning of all these pieces is? . This group has also provided places where you can discuss the games where you might find the next piece of the puzzle  like their /r/GameDetectives  area on Reddit and their Discord server that  is open for discussing this ARG here.   If it were not for the  work of these individuals, this ARG may not be as close to being solved as it is and MachMatic   says he will  keep  his  post updated as new information comes  to light.  Now the fact  that  none of these games  seem to share a common development team  makes  it so that there is a mystery  how did this  ARG come into existence but that will be left for a  different day.

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