Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic

Players can now cross-realm raid Mythic Battle For Dazar’alor.

Cross-realm raiding is something everyone would like to do. Many guilds who do not have the roster for 20 people complete Heroic BOD. They obtain their Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) achievement which players link to enter most Heroic raids. For some people, this is the pinnacle of raiding. Others, however, would like to go further beyond AOTC. This is why Blizzard introduced cross-realm Mythic raiding.

Mythic Battle For Dazar'alor

This also means that no one will be able to obtain the Famed Conqueror of Dazar’alor after tomorrow. Horde guilds completed their Hall of Fame achievement a month ago. The first 100 guilds who kill the final boss in Battle For Dazar’alor on Mythic difficulty on either faction obtain the Hall of Fame Achievement.

Some players questioned the imbalance of racial abilities during progression.

In the comments section, there has been a lot of complaints revolving around racial abilities. “For anyone wondering, the racial problem that caused people to swap to Horde was fixed by Blizzard after it was already too late. The snowball was created and it can’t be stopped. The temptation to be in the ‘bigger group’ or the ‘winning side’ is very real for Alliance players even now,” said commenter ZerOrbit.

Other commenters have suggested allowing cross-realm Mythic out of the gate. Method obtained Mythic world first in the first week of Mythic raiding, which may further throw into question how fast players would get it in the first week. One commenter, teefay420, said that regardless of how many guilds clear the content, cross-realm Mythic raiding should be available after a set amount of time. “Perhaps wait 6-8 weeks then start allowing cross-realm. It will have zero effect on the Hall of Fame.”

Should cross-realm Mythic raiding be gated by time or by guilds? Or should it be available right away? Let us know in the comments below!