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This Aim of This Article is to Give Cosplayers a Genreal Direction When First Entering the World of Cosplay.

So you wanna start cosplaying?

After you narrowed down what you’d like to cosplay, you’re left with a lot of materials to use, and ways to make various parts. For someone starting off, I’d recommend using foam. Foam is super cheap, and you can mess up without feeling too guilty. Worbla and other thermoplastics are in fact reusable but can become very costly. This is a compilation of books available to help every type of cosplayer.
If you’d like to see some helpful articles on sewing be sure to check out my “Leveling up your cosplay skill with…” series of articles that gives tips and tricks for working with different types of fabric. Every book listed here for sale is a reasonable price. Everyone knows that cosplayers have to work on a budget.
image of a bombshell harley quinn
Harley Quinn Cosplay

Punished Props

Punished Props offers a wide range of books to choose from. Most of them will give you tips, tricks and help with foam. These books are helpful when you’re first starting out and have no idea where to start.  It covers topics ranging from basic things like materials, fabrics, and tools. They also cover basic tricks to finishing, painting, and wearing your creations. Yes, I said wearing your creations, because what could perfect armor be without a way to strap it to your body?
When anyone in the cosplay world thinks foam armor or weapons they think Punished Props. If you take time and look around Bill Doran’s shop you will also notice a lot of blueprints. He shows you layer by layer how to build the weapon. He even offers a finishing and painting tutorial on his Youtube channel.

Punished Props

Kamui Cosplay is very well known for her amazing LED work, as you can see below. She has done quite a few detailed books not only on LEDs but also worbla, prop making. She has even done some male and female armor patterns. All is also located on her website as well as blog posts, tutorials and even WIP photos of her current projects. Kamui is nice and helpful, and will answer any questions you may have about her work. You can follow or get in contact with her on her website, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Facebook.

Kamui Cosplay

Lightning Cosplay is a newer cosplayer. Her work is still very astonishing. You can see her on the left in the photo below. She has created quite a few books and put them up on her website that cover cosplay if you are willing to listen.

Lightning Cosplay (left)

Propped Up Creations is a great source for purchasing quality cosplay items. They provide in depth tutorials and help when you’re working on a new project. They have quite a wide variety of tutorials. You should definitely check them out when you’re looking for something super specific.
Arms, Armor, and Awesome at Blizzcon 2015

Evil Ted

The Evil Ted is one of the best tutorial websites I’ve found. Its a pretty massive collection of how to videos. He covers about anything you could desire or need to know about cosplay. You can also ask him any questions you may have on Twitter.
Honorable mention for people who live in the UK is ArtyFakes. They teach a cosplay for beginners course where you spend an entire weekend with them. In this weekend, they cover about everything needed to start cosplaying. You get to make some things and ask any questions you want to know.
image of cosplayers at a convention

Who is your favorite cosplayer? What source would you suggest for a new cosplayer? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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