The developers of Conan: Exiles gives an update on what’s to come in their upcoming patch. A lot of new mechanics and features will be available to change the game quite a bit.

In the latest stream from Funcom games, they went over some new features that will be coming up in the new patch. The first couple of items go hand and hand. Soon, players will be able to ascend almost anything according to the developers. Therefore, players will need to defend against the new feature. You will be able to put up spikes (only available tier 3) that have a gap in between two points. Players will be able to place thralls in said gap and archer thralls will be able to shoot from the position. The other new feature will be a siege cauldron. Players will be able to pour hot oil on players attempting to climb your walls.

Among another feature that is going to help players with building their bases will be elevators. They will be able to move both horizontally and vertically. When the elevator is placed it will pick a “sane endpoint” according to one of the developers, but he also notes that they will go quite a distance (though nothing specific was mentioned). If you ever find yourself at the other end of where the platform is, you can make it come to you by pulling on a little skull chain.

Orbs will also be introduced with the next patch. They will be acting as grenades that will have the ability to cause destruction to enemy walls. They will have two throwing functions: hold/release and toss. When players hold and release the orb, the orb will explode on impact and will cause environmental damage, including the initial impact damage.  Be careful when using the bounce function. If a player deflects your orb, it has a possibility of bouncing back and causing damage to you. When the orbs release, they will rebalance the hit points for buildings to compensate for the new features.

There are also a few different types of orbs, including a water orb as well. Players will be able to use water orbs to extinguishing torches and campfires. There will be an oil orb as well as a poisonous gas orb that players may include into play. All orbs will interact with one other as well. If a player throws an oil orb or a poisonous gas orb, they will cause a fire or explosion. The developers plan on having lower tier players have the ability to craft these around level 10.

The video continues to showcase new items such as new gateways and drawbridges. They’ve made some small changes, so now gateways can be spawned on the edge of a foundation. They continue to detail how the drawbridge will have no ownership so anyone will be able to pull on the skull chain, so be weary of how you build your base where you put your draw bridge. There has been no news of when the next patch will be released.

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