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Competitive Gaming: What Schools & Parents Have To Say

Open scene: a young man stares down a double monitor setup. He states (and I quote): “Sometimes my arms get very tired. I have had tendonitis twice because I spend eight hours a day playing competitive gaming.” Now, many would say that there is something wrong with this equation. But those who beg to differ are coming from the least likely source: his parents, and his school.

Competitive gaming and eSports have come a long way since I first jumped into the industry. We see that not only are parents backing their children (one instance came in the form of a father saying: “If he wanted to do this with his life, I would let him”), but so are the schools that they attend.

eSports commence! Courtesy of CBS News.
eSports commence! Courtesy of CBS News.

“In esports, you can literally jump from being in a bedroom into being a six-figure salary, in the spotlight, on stage, three months later,” the individual stated. His name is Fong, and he plays competitive gaming. His father is the Coach of his team…

Emerging Trend

An emerging trend is catching on. The onset of “eLeague” opened with a twelve-day tournament. It was first televised on September 1st, 2017. This set off wave upon wave of other competitive gamers, all following in suit to their individual favorites. Overwatch came shortly after, followed by League of Legends. Surprisingly, computer gaming is beginning to show its footprints in the public school system, as well.

eSports and schools are uniting. Courtesy of eLeague Fed.
eSports and schools are uniting. Courtesy of eLeague Fed.

According to NASEF (North America Scholastic ESports Federation), over 100 high schools have opened up computer labs dedicated to coordinated competitive gaming. It is now being looked at as a venture for scholarship opportunities. Remember back in the day when, in order to get into a good school, you had to play a lot of tennis or become part of the student government? Well, now eSports are becoming a gateway in and of themselves, and we can only imagine what the future will bring.

Estimated Value

We see that many parents and schools are jumping on-board the eSports/competitive gaming bandwagon. It is estimated to grow from $655 million in value (2017-2018) to a massive $2 billion come 2021! Now a source of great interest, we can only hope that parents realize what they are allowing for their children. It is an outlet that relieves aggression, facilitates teamwork-building skills, and enhances social abilities.

We can only wait to see what comes next…